Health Tips...Drink Responsibly....Eat Fruits ...

Health Tips…Drink Responsibly….Eat Fruits Liberally… (Photo credit: Sunciti _ Sundaram’s Images + Messages)


It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to stay healthy. When you’re in the moment, it may seem like exercise, eating right, and being generally active are things no one has time for. After all, with longer work hours, more obligations, and fewer resources, it feels like we have less time than ever for the things that matter most. The thing is, no one can enjoy any of those things without their health. Here are a few general tips I’ve learned over the years.


  • Do something active for at least an hour every day. It doesn’t matter if you take a long walk, hike somewhere, stroll through a mall, play basketball or tag with your kids, or go to a gym. Move your body!
  • Take Doctor Michelle May’s advice: Eat what you love, eat when you’re hungry, stop eating when you’re full, and really enjoy your meals. If you’re eating standing up or while walking from one place to another, your brain won’t register that you’re taking in nutrients. You’ll be hungry again soon!
  • Listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, go talk to your doctor. Know how your body reacts to different foods.
  • Don’t drink too much! Alcoholic beverages are meant to be enjoyed slowly, not gulped down! Know your limits. Don’t drink to get drunk. (Also, remember that alcohol has calories in it!)
  • Do the things you love on a regular basis. If you like to write, write. If you like to read, read.
  • Don’t be afraid to say “no.” If you overbook yourself, you’ll feel stressed, and stress is a killer.


What are some things you do to keep healthy? Feel free to share your tips here in the comments section.





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