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On Being Willing to Be Wrong

On Willing to Be Wrong - Wining Wife(TM)It’s political season, and this season gets me thinking about a lot of things. Namely, how unwilling people are to be wrong. We don’t want to be wrong about our political choices, our religious beliefs, even the careers we choose or people we surround ourselves with. Sometimes, though, we are wrong. And some of us, rather than admit it, we continue to beat down the same old words, the same old paths, without really giving it much more thought than that. Instead of saying “I was wrong, I know better now,” many of us instead say “I know I’m right, I’ve always been right, I will always be right,” and we dig in our heels.  Continue reading

Mandy K Designs Knock Offs and Costume Hacks Tour: Alice in Wonderland Dress – Part I: The Dress

tourBlog TourI was inspired by Mandy K. Designs’ English Rose dress to create an Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume for Little Miss. I really can’t wait to share it with you, and I apologize sincerely for the delay in getting the pictures and the write-up of it up. I’ve been a bit under the weather lately, Little Miss is refusing to sleep at night, and I still have client work to take care of. All of that makes for a lot of excuses, but suffice it to say, I’ve been beyond exhausted lately.  Continue reading

Patterns for Pirates’ Grandpa Cardi & Cpt. Mack’s Cardis

Who doesn’t love a good cardigan? I know I’m a big fan, and I wear them a lot of the year. When Judy Hale at Patterns for Pirates did a tester call for a cardigan pattern for women and children, I was really excited and had to sign right up. I had some more of the houndstooth fabric left from when I made the Phresh Jeggings, and I figured it would make a great cardigan for my little gal – and – one for myself. This was an easy pattern to stitch up, and the fabric I worked with (from Hancock Fabrics) was amazing. I’ve found myself addicted to their knits, actually. They sew up really nice and feel great. Plus, I’ve found the customer service at our local Hancock Fabrics to be above and beyond what I’ve experienced in the past at fabric store chains. Continue reading

Phresh Jeggings by Winter Wear Designs

Winter Wear Designs Phresh LeggingsMy gal has way too much fun – and she’s a lot of fun to sew for. I have a lot of recent makes (one thing I made for myself) to share with y’all (we had a gnarly cold run through our little house), but I’ll start with these “Phresh Jeggings” designed by Winter Wear Designs. I really love how they came out. They’re a lot of fun. I used a ponte knit for the main part of the leggings and then a regular black knit that I ran through my machine’s fancy stitches for the pockets and waistband. (I know I need to work on my band skills on getting my seams lined up perfectly on my bands. Tips? Please put them in the comments.  I’m always open to learning more about how to do what I do better!) Continue reading

My Top 10 Fall Cozy Essentials

Fall is my favorite season of all. The leaves turn color, there’s a certain smell in the air (I know, it’s weird, but there is!) And the cooler weather is a wonderful reprieve from hot summer days. It helps that Halloween, my birthday, and Thanksgiving are all in fall, and while I’m not a fan of the pumpkin spice latte (I KNOW!), I do like a good pumpkin spice chai. I’d also love a good Cabernet Sauvignon, but that’s not happening this fall! Here’s a quick list of things I like to do in order to enjoy the fall season. Continue reading

Easy Peasy Skirt and Headband by Mummykins and Me

Easy Peasy Skirt and Knotted Headband by Mummykins and Me

Easy Peasy Skirt and Knotted Headband by Mummykins and Me

I promise, I will have something I made for myself soon. And a wine post, and a post about fall coziness! But, for now, I’d really like to share this skirt and headband I made for my little gal. I have plans to make a few more (don’t I always?). I have made three of the headbands so far. They all sew up quickly. If you need a great beginner pattern, this one would do the trick. You can learn how to do French seams (which are a really nice way of hiding raw edges and ending up with a good, finished look to your project.)  Continue reading

Bella Sunshine Designs Sweet Lilly Pintuck Dress & Tunic Pattern Test Results

2015-08-26 09.29.47Okay, guys, here it is. This, the Sweet Lilly Pintuck Dress & Tunic is possibly my favorite thing I made my little gal. I know I’ve thought that before, but it’s just so pretty, and I’m so thrilled with how it turned out. I made the Coffee Shop Lace Dress last week, and I felt that it was a great pattern that would translate well into a Christmas dress with some red velveteen I have…somewhere…in my fabric stash. When I had the opportunity to test this new dress from Bella Sunshine Designs (affiliate link), I was really excited. Continue reading

Bella Sunshine Designs’ Coffee Shop Lace Dress

2015-08-19 12.41.58-1I’m so excited to share with you this new dress I made for Little Gal. It’s brand new from Bella Sunshine Designs (affiliate link), and yes, I was a pattern tester, and received the Coffee Shop Dress pattern in exchange for honest feedback on the pattern as I sewed it up. I really enjoy Melissa’s designs; you’ll remember I sewed up a bunch of Bow Tie Leggings and then the matching mother-daughter Kelly’s Twirl Skirts. So, when I saw that she was doing a new pattern test, I signed right up. After all, I figured, it would be a good motivator for unpacking my sewing machine.  Continue reading

We’re Having A…

August_12__2015_at_0730AM (2)Boy! Yup! Baby number 3 is a boy.  I’m excited. I would be excited if we were having a girl. I’m just really super-stoked that we’re adding another little person to our family. So. Much. Love! Here he is, the little man, just hanging out!

Naturally, I’ve already been scoping out boy patterns. We have some left over from when The Teenager was a little guy, so that helps. I’ve also been taking a look at some of the patterns that are done by indie companies like Patterns for Pirates, Sofilantjes, and Peekaboo Patterns  There are a LOT of cute things out there for little guys. I’m convinced that I need to buy a newsboy cap for my little. Continue reading

The Best Laid Plans…Or…Cooking Light’s Way to Cook Attempt # 2

11374133_162758020722287_1135919989_nWell, you all know how I’d made this great meal plan based upon Cooking Light’s Way to Cook? Well, life had other plans for last week and the weekend. I didn’t get around to making *any* of the recipes – partially because evenings turned out to be super busy (we are still setting up a house) and partially because my in-laws are visiting and we decided to go out to dinner rather than stay in.  Continue reading

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