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December Wine Events Around the North State


Wine-tasting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you looking for something to do that’s wine related? Are you winery, cellar, or restaurant that would like publicity for wine events? If you are interested in having your event featured, please email us at We would like to offer our readers a full list of wine events across the country. The deadline for each month is the last Thursday of the month preceding (i.e January’s deadline will be December 27th and February’s deadline will be January 31st.) Please email for information on how YOU can have your wine event featured on Wining Wife today!

Butte County, California

Creekside Cellars – Thursday, Friday, Saturday Weekly – Wine tasting – there is a different theme each week; tastings are priced by the half glass and glass. A cheese plate is specially prepared to accompany each week’s featured wines. Upcoming themes: A Little of This a Little of That; Christmas Dinner Selections; Wines to Give, Wines to Receive

Hickman Family Vineyards Holiday Open House – 11am-5pm December 8th and 9th

Grey Fox – Wine Club Christmas Party – 5-7pm December 8th

Sierra Oro Holiday Farm Tour 11am-5pm December 15th and 16th – featuring Long Creek Winery, Bertagna, Hickman Family Vineyards, Grey Fox, Gale, New Clairvaux, LaRocca, and Honey Run – There is no charge for the tour; $5 for wine tasting, refundable upon purchase of wine.

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Wine Events around the North State

This image shows a red wine glass.

This image shows a red wine glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Are you looking for something to do that’s wine related? Are you winery, cellar, or restaurant that would like publicity for its wine events/ If you are interested in having your event featured, please email us at We would like to offer our readers a full list of wine events across the country. The deadline for each month is the last Thursday of the month preceding (i.e November’s deadline will be October 25th and December’s deadline will be November 29th. Please email for information on how YOU can have your wine event featured on Wining Wife today!





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Commentary: Talking to Chairs and the War on Women

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood (Photo credit: filmhirek)


So…the Republican national convention…and Clint Eastwood, talking to an empty chair…happened. I’m concerned. I’m concerned for a lot of reasons, the biggest reason is that the Republican party seems totally out of touch with what we need as a nation. That doesn’t necessarily mean the Democratic party gets it either, but at least they try. As a woman, as a woman who has recently had a slew of health issues that have cost us, as a family, a lot of money to try to diagnose, I believe that our healthcare, as in every other nation, should be guaranteed to citizens of the United States. Australia, a land where English criminals were exiled to, even has healthcare for its citizens; you can buy extra healthcare options, but basic care is guaranteed.


It seems strange to me to not want to subsidize birth control when you’re a republican. I mean, we need to be concerned about population – for a multitude of reasons: economically, socially, job-wise, health-wise, food-supply wise, sustainability wise. It makes no sense to me that a political party that opposes abortion and welfare also opposes birth control. What should we do with the people who have unplanned pregnancies because they can’t afford the costs of condoms or birth control pills? It’s not enough to say they shouldn’t be having sex. Millions of married couples can’t afford basic contraception. They rely upon unreliable methods (early withdrawal) as birth control methods. Then what happens? Then we have a nation consisting of welfare recipients, which costs more over the long-run than providing free and low-cost birth control options. We could ward off abortions if we provided reliable access and education when it comes to birth control.


I’m a member of a different party, and it’s not really relevant to this post. What I do find concerning is the level of hypocrisy I’ve seen in the news reports. I mean, if we want to save money, and cut welfare costs, why not offer free and low-cost birth control options? Otherwise, we wind up paying higher taxes, all of us, in order to support children who wouldn’t be here if their parents have better planned for them.


Also, domestic violence is a real issue. I’m over women being victim-blamed for being single parents. So we’re supposed to allow unhealthy men to rape us and beat us? I don’t think so. I would make the decisions I have made that led me to raising a son alone until just a year ago a thousand times. It is so much better my son and I be safe than my son witness his mother being the victim of a crime. Why is it so bad to help women who are unfortunate victims of this heinous crime get back on their feet? Why force a woman who has already been a victim of a terrible, violating crime, rape, to have a child? I’m not a fan of abortion, however, I don’t think that women who have been victims of these crimes should be further traumatized by unwanted pregnancies.


I think there is a distinction between “unwanted” and “unplanned” pregnancies. Often those who have not planned on having children will go ahead and have those children.


I realize that I’m quite opinionated here. Also, what happened to decorum and maintaining a reputation? It used to be, and I’m not that old, that people actually cared about what people said about them.  Nowadays, it seems like people have lost that sense of maintaining a solid reputation. How can we expect that of our citizens?


I’m stepping off my soapbox now. What did you think? Please post your comments in the comments section (and please, be civil to one another. Many of us are all citizens of the same country.)



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Patriot Day

Patriots’ Day Parade

Patriots’ Day Parade (Photo credit: mcritz)


On Patriot Day, we all need to remember that we are all vulnerable. While remembering the tragedies that occurred eleven years ago, why not do something for your fellow citizen. Whether you donate to the Red Cross or the Firefighters’ Fund, it’s important to remember that we are all one community. While your neighbor may play loud music, or your coworker may vote for the “other guy,” it’s important to band together when times are tough. In New York City, and in the United States as a whole, 11 years ago, we were all for a moment Americans. I ask you on this day of remembrance to do something to help someone else. Remember, we are all in this world together.



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Three Grocery Outlet Wines

Logo for Grocery Outlet

Logo for Grocery Outlet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Out of curiosity, Wining Husband and I decided to pick up three wines from Grocery Outlet recently. They were fine, not great, but not awful either, as many cheap wines can be. For those on a budget, we’d recommend any of these three.


2010 Les Deux Rives Corbières Blanc ($10) – This wine is a blend of 60% grenache, 20% marsanne, and 20% rousanne. It has a light and citrusy taste, and is a good drinking wine for hot days.


2010 Les Deux Rives Corbières Rouge ($10) – This wine is a blend of 40% grenache, 30% syrah, 20% mouvedre, and 10% carignan. It has notes of licorice and berries, and has a good balance of tannins.


2006 Orentano Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County ($8) – This was fine at first, but then turned into a rubber mallet mess. It started out with a bouquet of red fruits, but after being aired out, it just didn’t have the same sparkle. If you plan on drinking it within an hour of opening it, you should be fine (but make sure you have friends to share it with!) Otherwise, you may find that it works best when used in marinara sauce.





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Labor Day

Employee of the Month Reserved Parking Sign

Employee of the Month Reserved Parking Sign (Photo credits:


This labor day, why not look into supporting unions? Historically, unions have been there to protect the rights of those who are employed. They serve as a bargaining agency when there is a dispute between the laborers and the employers. Many companies are anti-union, and some even punish their employees for being members of unions. This hundred-year old holiday gives us all a day off, but while you’re tubing and drinking beer, try to remember the real reason for the holiday: To make employment conditions more humane and fair to all.



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All the Country’s Debt

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 01:  The National Debt C...

NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 01: The National Debt Clock, a billboard-size digital display showing the increasing US debt, is seen on the corner of Sixth Avenue and West 44th Street on August 1, 2011 in New York City. The House of Representatives successfully passed a bill that would reduce national debt and raise the national debt limit, though the bill still needs to pass the senate. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Okay, so…what happens when average Joe the Plumber – the sort of American Obama wanted to help – defaults on a loan? If the loan was for a house, then the bank takes the house. If the loan was on a car, then the bank takes the car. If it was a credit card or other loan, sometimes liens are put on a house or wages are garnished so that the money is paid back. No matter what Joe the Plumber’s position in life is, there are consequences when he does not pay back money that is owed.

I’m sitting here, editing a pile of articles, and preparing a menu for 95 local homeless people for tomorrow night, and in the background, I just heard the press conference with President Obama. What happens if the nation doesn’t figure out its debt problem? Joe the Plumber, Jill the Carpenter, and everyone else in the nation suffers. Here’s a list of who will not be paid and what may be in jeopardy :

  • The military – you know, all those folks who put their lives on the line to protect our nation from real and imaginary threats
  • The police departments, the fire departments, public hospitals
  • The elderly who depend on social security to buy food and have homes
  • The disabled who depend upon disability payments
  • Any government employee
  • Public universities
  • Students depending upon federal money to attend university or even jr. colleges
  • NSA
  • All governmental agencies
  • Treasury notes
  • Tax credits
  • Believe it or not, oil and gasoline would go short
  • Military contractors
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid (Meaning that doctors will not get paid)
Evidently 70 million checks are signed by the U.S. Government every month.  This is more than just a “disagreement.”
The stubborn nature of all those involved in this – members of both parties – with a total lack of thinking about what the fallout from default will cause in our already struggling nation upsets me. Something absolutely needs to be done. If Joe the Plumber defaulted, there would be consequences. When the government defaults, what do you do? We can’t go and repossess cars or the white house. The only thing we can do is withhold our votes, but that won’t matter much either when you don’t have gas for your car because you didn’t get your Social Security payment this month. I really don’t know what to do about it. It’s one of those situations where I feel totally small in comparison to the problem. All over the internet, people are sounding the alarm that this is really serious bad stuff. The list above doesn’t even scratch the surface of the fallout. With fewer people with money, the landlords, the service-providers, the businesses that depend upon customers and clients may start to shut down. This is bad, bad, bad news.
The only two things I can suggest to you are to first hold out hope that a compromise is reached and that we don’t have to find out what happens if a country defaults on its loans, and second, to make a move back to community – local community. Your social networking friends are great, but make sure you have connections in your own community as well. Introduce yourself to neighbors, your local grocer, the local farmer. Put a personal face to yourself in an anonymous world.
That’s about where I’m at in my thinking on the matter.
I like to be an optimist, and I like to believe that things will work out – and that many of those blogging on these issues and the news media is just doing what it always does – running around like Chicken Little telling us the sky is falling.
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