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So Much Snark: McCall’s and Vogue Have Early Fall Collections Out

Oh boy, so I still have a LOT of unpacking to do before I can sew again. But we’re here; we’re in Wichita (just in time for some street flooding, which we avoided, but still! Hello Rain!), and mid-moving, McCall’s and Vogue came out with stuff for fall. I couldn’t let this release go without saying something, and you know, there’s a lot to say. I’m still waiting to see what Butterick comes out with. Needless to say, when there’s a sale at the fabric stores on patterns, there will be a few that I may pick up. Because you know, packing over 2000 paper patterns wasn’t enough work…or something.  Continue reading

Sofilantjes’ Brueram Dress

2015-04-19 19.39.44-1As if my little gal didn’t already have a bunch of dresses (seriously, though, a girl can never have too many dresses, and she loves them!), I made her two more. I was selected to pretest Sofilantjes’ Brueram Dress. This is a cute pattern that comes with top, dress, and maxi options. It was designed for a contest held by the Facebook group, Betties Basket a while back. The contestants could draw and send their design ideas in and designers could choose which ideas they wanted to make into a pattern. 

So, this very cute little dress pattern was created by the talented Annemieke Jacobs. I was excited about the opportunity to test the 12 months size, because it was a pattern I could build skills on. I’d never done shirring before – but I figured it couldn’t be too hard to do.  I wound up making two dresses – because I had trouble with the shirring on the first one. 

My first attempt at shirring

2015-04-14 06.43.102015-04-14 06.43.21 Oh boy. So I read the directions, hand-wound my elastic, popped it into the bobbin case of my Brother SE400, and stitched my little heart out…until I realized “Huh. That’s…strange…there’s no…shirring happening…plus the elastic looks loose.” So, I did what anyone would do. I took pictures of what was going on and posted in the testing group and in the SE400 group on Facebook to ask if anyone knew how to fix it there (see the images to the left), and then I took to Google.  What I found, didn’t seem to bode well for my Brother SE400.

You see…Brother machines with drop-in bobbins are notoriously difficult to use for shirring because there’s no easy way to adjust the tension – or so the story goes.  BUT! Dear readers, I found a blog post with a great video, that would solve ALL my problems – and I was determined (so determined) to make this dress work. I was in love with my fabric combination. The blog post I found was Grosgrain: Shirring With Your Brother

To make the long story short, you want to pull your elastic tight – but not too tight when winding the bobbin by hand (this didn’t take as long as I thought it would by the way) – and you want to tighten your bobbin tension just a bit. How do you do this? Take off the bottom plate and pull out the bobbin case. There will be a little dot of green paint – that’s where your tension screw is. Turn this just a bit to the right, and you’ll have the right tension – practice on scrap fabric first though. You also need to hand feed the elastic into the bobbin case, you’ll feel it click when it’s ready, then you’re good to go. (The video in the above link shows you how to do this really well).

2015-04-14 08.40.02Only…even with doing things right, my fabric still didn’t look as great and stretchy as the other ladies’ pictures looked – and yes, I steamed the shirring and everything. Plus, the fit was off and the bodice was way big on my little gal. I felt defeated – but only for a moment. You see, I idly wondered if my fabric choice (a vintage woven of some sort, a bit heavier in nature than the quilting cotton I used for the bottom) was tripping me up. So, I grabbed a piece of scrap fabric and tried – and it worked! It was WAY more scrunchy and elasticy! It was then I decided that I would take in the bodice on the first dress and make a second dress in lighter weight fabric – so that I could give Anne accurate feedback about fit.

The end results

Both dresses were relatively easy to sew (yes, even with the initial shirring trip up – it’s not hard, just takes some patience and some fandangling to get the hang of it). I’d recommend this pattern for an advanced beginner or intermediate sewer. You’ll want to be familiar with understitching as well as shirring, and you will want to have some patience for hand stitching since the lining inside will be hand stitched to finish (soooo worth the way it looks though). I took in the first dress an inch on each side. Both dresses fit snuggly – so there’s no slipping of the thick straps, which is a good thing when you have an active toddler. When I make the dress again (oh yes, I have plans for this) I will probably go ahead and use the 18 months size since the 12 months bodice was just a little difficult to get on and off of my gal). I hand sewed on a flower from Sunshine Shoppe to each of the dresses, and voila! They were done. 

The pattern is available now

The Brueram Top and Dresses pattern is available from Sofilantjes for $8.95.  You can also join the Sofilantjes Sew & Show group on Facebook. There is a contest starting today at 4pm EST/21.00 CET. Post pictures of your completed Brueram to the giveaway photo album in the group by 7pm EST/ 24.00 CET May 7th and get a chance to win your money back AND an additional pattern of your choice!!

The pictures

*This post contains affiliate links to Sunshine Shoppe and Sofilantjes. Should you click on one of the links and make a purchase, I will receive compensation, which helps me contribute to my family.*

Sofilantjes Otium Sweater Pattern Test

Hah! I've beat the storm! And I have this super-cute top to prove it.

Hah! I’ve beat the storm! And I have this super-cute top to prove it.

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE this shirt. (Doesn’t it look like I love it? I’m sorry for the indoor pictures, but I figured that with all the rain and wind we’ve had, that it was indoor or nothin’).

Okay, now that we have that out of the way. I received the pattern for free in exchange for honest feedback when testing the pattern out.  I made the pattern in size XXL – I went by my bust measurements (it comes in XS-XXXL, so it’s great for us curvy gals). I was a little nervous that it would be too small or pull too much in the hips or waist, but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I made no adjustments to the pattern.

Awesome fabric!

Awesome fabric!

The Fabric

Let’s talk a minute about the fabric. You see this gorgeous sheer fabric with silver stripes running through it? It’s a stretch/novelty knit fabric. I honestly don’t know if you can get it anywhere anymore.  You know why? I found it at a thrift store for $3.00. There were 3 yards of it, and it’s 58″ wide. I have leftovers from it, and I’ll be using the leftovers to make Vogue 1376.

The plain black fabric on the neckband, waistband and sleeves was a pain in the butt to work with. It wanted to curl as I’d sew, and it wanted to get trapped in my sewing machine’s feed. That was pretty annoying – but the fabric has a LOT of stretch, and it feels really nice. This fabric was not a thrift store find. Nope, we went out and bought it – both for the contrast parts of this shirt and because I want to make those leggings in Vogue 1376.

The Pattern

Sofilantjes Patterns Otium Sweater

There are three (well, six if you count long sleeve or short sleeves) options for making the sweater – a diagonal pocket, a low back with bow, and a standard with a high round neck. The sizing is generous, and can fit anyone from a 31 inch bust to a 52 inch bust with minimal alterations. Since I’m 48-44-53 (yup, baby got back) I was advised to make the XXL.

What I love about this pattern (one of the many things, really) is that when you print it, you can choose exactly which pages to print, because the instructions tell you what you will need for the view you wish to make. It seems like a small thing, but it’s really not. I love saving paper and printer ink. The pages lined up really well, and, well, it was really easy to work with.

Sewing the pattern

Guess what!?! I remembered to pre-wash my fabric! YAY! Other than some frustration with the black super 4-way stretchy fabric, this pattern sewed up really quickly. I made French seams since I was working with a sheer fabric. The only road block I had when making it was the bow (as in how to pin it to sew it in place), but that got straightened out pretty quickly.

In all, I was really happy with how this one turned out. I liked it so much, I went ahead and purchased the girl’s version for sizes 12months-14 years. I see a few more of these in my future.

Right now, in conjunction with the pattern’s release, the women’s pattern is $7, the children’s pattern is $6.50, and the bundle of the two is $13. They can be purchased here. (This is not an affiliate link).

Here are more pictures of the top.

My Thoughts on the Butterick Winter and Holiday Collection 2014

Last night, the new Butterick patterns were released. There are some good ones, some awful ones, and some meh ones (as with any of the pattern releases from them. I have to say, they did pretty well this time around.

Let’s start with the ones that I like.

B6128, Misses' Dress

Butterick 6128. While it looks like your standard wrap dress, here, the real charm is in the maxi view:

B6128, Misses' Dress

I’m not sure about doing contrast sleeves for it. I think it would look pretty elegant in a black crepe fabric.

B6127, Misses' Dress

6127 is a great little piece. I love the faux lace jacket. I wouldn’t be tugging at the bottom seam all night. I wouldn’t be doing view C (with the contrast bands) but I do like this view with the lace.

B6129, Misses'/Misses' Petite Dress

I love Butterick 6129. It’s a fun dress – in all the views.

B6146, Misses'/Women's Dress

Connie Crawford’s contribution with 6146 is quite nice as well, though, I’m almost certain I have a similar pattern in my stash.

B6130, Misses' Dress and Jumpsuit

I will preface this by saying that I don’t generally like jumpsuits. But I really like this one and the dress views as well for 6130.

B6130, Misses' Dress and Jumpsuit

B6143, Misses' Jacket & Coat

I like this single-breasted coat. It’s elegant and classic. 6143 will be a must have…even if I do have other coat patterns…

B6132, Misses' Top

I love the asymmetrical collar on Butterick 6132. This would be a great little top. I like the other views as well. I can see the pattern getting a lot of use once I got it cut out and fit it to my body.

B6123, Children's/Girls'/18

Cute! I’ll probably pick up 6123 for you know…the future when Baby Girl is bigger.

On to the patterns I consider to be “the bad.”

I think I just don’t get the whole Tilton thing. I don’t like either of the patterns in the new collection. If you like it, please explain it to me. I have a hard time picturing who wears these.

For your consideration, a silk tent:

B6138, Misses' Vest

I mean…it’s not flattering…maybe with a belt…but then you lose the seam details. I just find 6138…odd.

B6138, Misses' Vest

I mean??? It kind of from afar looks like you took some fabric, wadded it up, stitched some button holes and called it good.

They are probably fairly challenging patterns given the curved seams and all. They’re just not for me.

B6136, Misses' Tunic

The neckline on 6136 drives me nuts. I mean??? Iron?

Ok. and then there’s this.

B6140, Misses' Jacket and Coat

It’s not a Katherine Tilton. It’s a hot mess, though. It kind of looks like what may happen when I get frustrated with a pattern. “ARGHHH I can’t get anything to line up! WHATEVER button goes here and here! HAH! Done!” Or something…

That said, I do like the other two views of 6140. They look less…frustrated.

B6140, Misses' Jacket and Coat

On 6139, can you help me figure out what it is?

B6139, Misses' Vest and Jacket

There’s a lot going on in the picture. I think that the shirt underneath detracts from the jacket. The lines on these are fine, but it’s just kind of meh. I have some patterns that are similar but that I like better.

B6151, Misses' Corsets, Vest and Belt

Just in case you were confused about what to wear to the 50 Shades of Grey premier. Here’s Butterick 6151 for your consideration. There’s so much going on with it, I don’t even know where to start.

B6137, Misses' Pants

Just…you know…in case you needed to use a time machine to go to the beach in 1982, you can whip up 6137. I’m on the fence about this one. I think done right, these could be fun. I have to see them on someone else though first. So someone, whip these up!

B6124, Children's/Girls' Top, Gown, Shorts and Pants

The girls for 6124 are cute. I’m just not really sure what’s up with their pajamas. It looks like a Care Bear snuck into Mom’s sewing room at 3am and made adjustments.

I really wanted to like 6142 until I saw this:

B6142, Misses' Jacket, Vest, Tunic, Dress and Pants

I’m really not sure there’s enough going on there. I think that she should be wearing another pattern on her legs and a fourth on her shoes…just sayin’…

So those are the patterns I felt were worth commenting on. What did you think of the recent releases?





McCall’s Winter and Holiday Pattern Release 2014

You knew it was coming. Well, maybe you didn’t, but you should have. I have to say, I’m a bit bummed out by the new releases. There are only five patterns out of the bunch that I think are worth grabbing (I bet Wining Husband will celebrate once he reads that line). I think I’ll start with those.

M7056, Misses' Vests

McCall’s 7056 – I really like this one, and I already have the jacket and skirt that were released for the fall preview collection. My only complaint about this line is it takes too long for them to release more!

M7053, Misses' Tops

McCall’s 7053 – I like this one a lot. The other view is growing on me. At first I thought, “Why would you want to stick a napkin into your neckline that matches your shirt…but then I looked at it again. I’ll probably make both views.

M7053, Misses' Tops

M7059, Misses' Vest, Jacket, Tops, Skirt and Pants

McCall’s 7059 – This is a nice set of knit coordinates. I particularly like the gored skirt and the 3/4 sleeve top. These would be great clothes for working at home and feeling comfortable – without wearing pajamas.

M7058, Misses'/Miss Petite Jackets, Coats and Belt

McCall’s 7058 – I like this coat. It’s basic, and a lot can be done with this pattern.

M7038, Infants' Tops, Jumper and Overalls

McCall’s 7038 – it’s pretty cute. I like the overalls too.

That covers the patterns I’m sure I want to make. I even have some fabric in mind for each of these.

There are two patterns I’m on the fence about.

M7051, Misses' Tops

I like what I see in the line drawings for 7051. I’m just unsure about the shirt that’s been shown up. I’m not a fan of the fabrics used. I’m tempted (and if there’s a cheap pattern sale on McCall’s patterns at the local Hancock Fabrics (affiliate link), then I’ll probably pick it up. Here’s the line art:

Line Art

On the other hand, I don’t think I’ll pick up the other one. It’s not that I don’t like it – I do. I just don’t think where the lines hit would be flattering on my body type:M7055, Misses' Vest and Cardigans

McCall’s 7055 – It’s super cute – just not for me.

And then, there was this:

M7070, Handmade Appliqués, Trims & Instructions for Purchased Sweatshirts

McCall’s 7070 – I’m sure there’s someone out there who thinks this is great. It just says, “Hey, it’s Easter at Step-Grandma’s house. Can you find the bunny?” to me.

Maybe someone in the blogosphere will sew it up and convince me otherwise.

M7044, Girls' Jacket, Skirt and Leg Warmers

McCall’s 7044  is the reason that I pick up some of the older patterns for girls when I see them. I just…no. Even the girl modeling the outfit is grimacing over the bad that is this. I’m sorry, but…at least where I’m concerned, thigh highs have no place on a little girl’s legs – especially when paired with a mini skirt. It’s just far too grown up.

Because I’m in the kids’ section:

M7040, Children's/Girls' Top, Dress and Pants

McCall’s 7040 – There. Are. No. Words.

M7041, Children's/Girls' Tops, Dress, Shorts and Pants

McCall’s 7041 – I think her feet are larger than her head. Maybe it’s the slippers, maybe it’s the crazy wide-legs. She’s cute, the outfit isn’t.

When I saw this one in the lineup, from afar, I thought, wow! Then, I clicked on the image.

M7050, Misses'/Miss Petite Dresses and Belt

McCall’s 7050 – I then said “Woah.” There is way too much going on here. Also, her torso is unnaturally long. This dress does not do good things for her – it cuts her body in half in a weird place…and why would you wear a belt with that? Yeah…pass.

M7049, Misses' Dresses

McCall’s 7049 – Again, there’s too much going on. She can’t decide if she’s going to a wedding or a bachelor party.

M7048, Misses' Top, Dress and Skirt

McCall’s 7048 – I’d love to see someone make this one up. I don’t like the fabrics used, and the fabric is puckering oddly in the images. I may be convinced that I need this one. The more I look at it, the more I like it (based on the line art, not the sewn dresses).

Line Art

Finally, I think Wining Husband’s statement about sums this next one up: “Hey, let’s wrap purple plastic wrap around the model, glue some glitter on, and call it a dress.”


M7047, Misses' Dresses

What did you think of the new dresses?  Post your thoughts in the comments section!






Vogue Patterns Winter/Holiday Collection 2014 – My Thoughts

Oh, I just bought a bunch of Vogue patterns on sale at my local JoAnn’s a couple weeks ago. You might say I have a pattern problem (so many patterns, so much fabric, so little time!) I’m going notions shopping this weekend so I can get to work on my fall essentials wardrobe and skirts plan. No sooner do I think, “Finally, Butterick and Simplicity are going on sale soon and I’ll be done buying new patterns for a while,” than I get an email from Vogue’s newsletter announcing their new winter and holiday collection for 2014. And there’s some good stuff!

I really, really, really love the Badgley Mischka, Vogue 1426, but being a realistic person I know of nowhere I would be able to wear it.

V1426, Misses' Dress

Unless, of course, I had a James Bond party – complete with formal dress and martinis. Now there’s an idea.

Did I mention I LOVE this dress? I may go ahead and pick up the pattern anyway just in case… you never know. Heck, I’d sit around drinking Silver Oak Cabernet in it. “No, postman, I’m not going to a gala. This is just my hanging out drinkin’ wine with my husband dress.”

Just saying…

I also really like the Tom and Linda Platt – 1428.

V1428, Misses' Dress

It’s more practical, something I’d probably wear on Christmas, but I’d lengthen the hem just a little. I like this a lot though.

The Donna Karan, however… (Vogue 1427)

V1427, Misses' Dress

Does anyone else think that she looks like someone used nail polish on plastic wrap and then wrapped her in it? Aside from the poor choice in fabric, I really don’t like the whole one shoulder tight dress thing. Come to think of it, I’m not a fan of the one-shoulder thing.

The Pamela Roland is fine…yawn…

I will most definitely pick up the Tracy Reese. (Vogue 1422)

V1422, Misses'/Misses' Petite Dress

Love it. I’ve found that I like a lot of her stuff lately.

Both Vogue 1423 and Vogue 1424 were “meh” for me. I mean…

V1423, Misses' Dress


V1424, Misses' Dress

They make me think of The Fifth Element for some reason…but not in a good way.

I really like the DKNY (1421), but I’ll be adding a few inches to the hem.

V1421, Misses' Dress

I’d have happily rocked the shorter look as a teenager and someone in my 20s…but with a baby, bending over in a really short skirt…not really my thing. Still, it has really great seam lines, and an interesting shape. I think I’d do it up in a bright, lipstick red.

I’d also lengthen 1420 a little and rock it in a tweed.

V1420, Misses' Dress

The funny thing about this one is that when I first saw it I thought “ew, I don’t like the neckline. but it has really grown on me, and I think it would be a fun dress to wear.

I’m also a fan of 9050. It is a good, basic shape that you can do a lot of fun stuff with.

V9050, Misses'/Misses' Petite Dress

I may use it to make a NYE dress. Did I mention I like to throw a rocking NYE party?

I’m in love with the suit 9066.

V9066, Misses' Vest, Jacket, Skirt and Pants

V9066, Misses' Vest, Jacket, Skirt and Pants

It’s just really sharp.

HUGE fan of 9051. Of course…I like the vintage patterns.

V9051, Misses' Dress and Belt

I think I could have a lot of fun with this one and with 9052.

V9052, Misses' Jacket, Dress and Belt

Though on 9052, I’d skip the top pocket plackets…they just wouldn’t look good on a gal with a robust chest.


V1429, Misses' Top and Dress

Chicken… good…?

With 9049, I had the opposite happen. Upon first sight, I thought “Cute!” Now I’m like “meh…”

V9049, Misses' Dress


Not only does the collar in 9065 look like it’s going to take off on its own and start orbiting the earth or something…but check out the styling…V9065, Misses' Vest, Skirt and Pants

It’s like an ad for valium.


Vogue 9067 is a hot mess.

V9067, Misses' Top and Pants

Nothing says “I just got out of bed and threw on this thing I spent hours on because I don’t care how I look” like ill-fitting loose clothes.

V1430, Misses' Blouse and Skirt

Vogue 1430…stop it already. Seriously.

V9069, Misses' Coat and Belt

I couldn’t find my coat so I threw on my bathrobe -er – the coat I made from Vogue 9069. Yeah, no.

V9071, Misses' Coat

There isn’t a single thing I like about my body, so I made a tent and slapped some pockets on it. (Vogue 9071)

I’m not even going to comment on the Marcy Tilton stuff. It just really isn’t my style or taste at all.

As with the first dress in this post, I’m in love with this one Vogue 9053. Nothing says “fabulous” like a long, flow-y dress.

V9053, Misses' Dress

I’m also a big fan of 9047. I think I could do a lot with this one.

V9047, Misses' Dress

9056 will be a good knit peplum to add to my collection.

V9056, Misses'Top

Finally, I have to have this big bag. Vogue 9057 will be outstanding – AND it will fit all my baby gear, my current book, my tablet, my makeup…

V9074, Bags

I skipped over a bunch of patterns, mostly because they were either boring or tents.

What patterns will you pick up from the collection?

Sewing Pattern Stock Up!

I’ve already talked on this blog about how I enjoy sewing. This past weekend, Joanne’s Fabric and Crafts had a sale on sewing patterns. Naturally, this was very exciting to me. I was able to grab several patterns. Since I’m in desperate need of new clothes, these patterns were a welcome addition to my collection. I’m hoping that I’m able to get started on creating a new wardrobe by hand soon. Among the many patterns I grabbed, I snatched up the following patterns at the sale. I grabbed up a bunch more as well. I also purchased some fabric so I could start making some of these outfits. I’m looking forward to posting my progress!

What are your favorite patterns from the Simplicity Fall Collection? Have you sewn any of these patterns?

Simplicity Pattern 1808

Simplicity Pattern 2154

Simplicity Pattern 2703

Simplicity Pattern 5914

Simplicity Pattern 4044



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Sewing!!!! (It’s *Sew* Much Fun!)


Theme Song: “Summertime” by NKOTB

Here’s one of the patterns I found the other day. I think it would be a lot of fun to make an entire wardrobe of clothing on my own.

I have a confession to make. I love to sew. I’ve been on a sewing kick lately. Well, to be honest, I’ve been more on a organizing my items to get them ready so that I can sew kick. You see, just as I have a ton of shoes, I also have managed to amass a bunch of patterns and fabrics to sew with. The only problem is that as far as notions go, I haven’t managed to collect so many of those (so I’ve been making a spreadsheet of what patterns I want to make, what fabric I will use to make the patterns with, and what notions I will need to purchase in order to complete the pattern). In doing so, I began looking at various sewing patterns online, and felt that a Pinterest board was necessary. Of course, these are all patterns I do not have. Just ones that I think would be cool to put my hands on.

I learned in my search that just because a pattern company used a particular number ten years ago, it doesn’t mean that company will use that pattern number now.  For example, one of the dresses I would love to make with this beautiful floral print fabric I have is no longer in print. I have the pattern. I have the fabric. However, when I was trying to catalog the patterns I had, I ran into this problem. I wanted to put images of the patterns into the spreadsheet I was creating. That way, at a glance, I could know what pattern exactly I was referring to (I have a LOT of sewing patterns) without having to dig through my pattern box.

Here are three patterns I would really like to get working on that fall into this category:

I am looking forward to making this cute little slipdress!

This is a pattern where I think it would be great to use this black shiny jacquard print fabric with white lace trim for view A. It would make a very sexy LBD, and I already have shoes that would be phenomenal with it. I’m also thinking about using a print fabric I have with this one.

I’ve been wanting to make these skirts for a while!

I love these skirts – I think they are so cute! I think that I’m going to start with one of the shorter ones, and use this brown fabric I have that has really pretty flowers on it.

Here are some tops I’d love to make.

For this pattern, I think I’d start off with the short sleeve cowl-neck shirt, but really there isn’t a view I don’t like here. I have some really nice red stretch velour fabric that would work nice for the v-neck long sleeve shirt.

So, as you can see, clearly I have a problem. These are only 3 of probably 50 patterns that I have. I’ve decided that I need to actually make these clothes instead of having patterns sit in boxes for an indeterminate period of time. So, I’m going to be organizing the office/library my husband and I share, and I want to organize my sewing supplies. Once I see what I have, I can make clothing that I have the supplies for, and then make a list of things I need in order to complete other projects. Then, I plan on posting about what I’m working on here, so you can see some of the fabulous things I make!

For those of you who sew, how do you organize your sewing projects?


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