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Kelly’s Twirly Skirts from Bella Sunshine Designs (and a Big Announcement)

So the last post I wrote got a LOT of traffic and attention, and some great comments, and I want to talk about all of that – and I will – in a separate post. Thank you all so much for all of your support and for reading! I feel bad about taking some time to get back to the blog after posting it – but I was struck by a wave of extreme exhaustion that came out of nowhere, so it seemed. I could not, for the life of me, get any energy to do beyond what needed to be done. 

An announcement from Wining Wife

Well, my friends, there’s a very good reason for this. It turns out that our family is growing! YAY! I’m super excited that Toddler Girl will be a big sister.  And PHEW. There was a good reason for the exhaustion, and once I started paying attention to my iron intake it’s slowly dropping off. This is how we announced it and made things “Facebook official” after we talked to family members and close friends. 

I'm expecting!!!!

What this means, dear readers, is that any wine reviews I post from here until the birth of our new little munchkin will be from notes that I’ve made previously. It also means that I’m going to be talking about plus size maternity clothes and sewing them…and preparing for a whole new person to be born…and other various shenanigans.  And well a bunch of other really good things!  Can you tell I’m excited? I can barely think straight! 

Onto the skirts!

Wearing Kelly's Twirly SkirtsSo whew! That’s really really exciting.  In the midst of all of this exhaustion, I managed to sew a little bit. I did a pattern test for Bella Sunshine Designs (affiliate link), which I think came out really well. I tested both the women’s and the girls’ version of the skirts…and what better way to do it than make skirts that would coordinate with one another? 

The fabric for the skirts

Okay, so I’ll admit that my fabric selection process took a little time. I wasn’t quite sure which fabric I wanted to use – and I had lots of ideas for fabrics that would work. Make. All. The. Skirts. Seriously, sometimes it’s really hard to choose what I’ll use for a project. It doesn’t help that my house is like a giant explosion of fabric right now. (I need to organize it soooooo bad…and don’t get me started on the sewing patterns).  I digress. So I’d used the light blue on white print on a top I made for a Cake Patterns top that I’ll talk about in a future post on here, and I had a lot of it left. It’s a really nice, drapy, pretty fabric, that I thought would have good twirl factor.  I still have a little of it left. It was, as you could guess, one of my thrift store finds. $3. I’m not even kidding. I keep meaning to do a thread test on it, because I suspect that it’s silk jersey. Anyway, so I have a ton of this fabric – what better project than making a couple of circle skirts? 

2015-04-09 19.19.11The problem was, I couldn’t decide what should go underneath. For a little bit, I considered a royal blue velour fabric. Yup. That would have been soooo spectacularly awful, I’m willing to bet. Well, maybe not awful, but not as great as the fabrics I wound up with.  Let’s start with the toddler skirt: the bottom skirt is made out of black stretch velvet from an upcycled dress I had. I’d cut the bottom of the dress off to make myself a skirt. The bottom of my skirt is a vintage (as in 35″) knit fabric in a navy blue. I think it’s polyester. It has really awesome drape itself – and is nice and dark since the top fabric is so lightweight. 

The skirt patterns

*All notes refer to the tester version of this skirt. I do have plans to make another set with the final version of the skirt.*

2015-04-09 19.23.51-1The girls’ pattern has modesty shorts underneath – which is great for a toddler who is always very busy investigating things. The women’s pattern doesn’t, but I don’t have any burning desires to randomly pull my skirt up to investigate the fabric, either. I’ll just admire it in other ways. There are four pieces for the girls’ pattern and three for the adult pattern – shorts legs, bottom circle skirt, top circle skirt, and waistband. The women’s has the layers and the waistband. The patterns include sizes 12 months – 14 for girls and 0-20 for women’s. The 20 fit me a little loose, actually (which was surprising since I thought it would be tight…but that works out well for my purposes anyway! Mwahahahah!); the waist is 41 1/2 ” and hips are 50″ and my measurements at the time were 44″ and 53″. I think part of it is the stretch fabric I used, and given the fact that I want to wear this skirt while pregnant, that’s a good thing!

My little gal is in the 12 months size. She’s a little peanut. She’s so petite! So it was a bit big on her waist as well. I added some elastic tape to the inside of both skirts to help hold it up (it has a yoga-style waistband), and that helped a lot! The skirts were easy to sew – I made both of them in an afternoon. Hemming took a little bit, but it always does on circle skirts.

In the pictures, I’m wearing my grandmother’s cardigan and  a camisole from Old Navy. My shoes are from Rampage. Toddler girl is wearing Circo shirts and Mary Janes that we found at thrift/consignment stores. 

As always, thanks for stopping by! I have good things in store for you soon! 



What’s on My Sewing Table at the Moment

Oh boy! I’ve finally had some time to start prepping patterns and gathering notions – and GASP! Start sewing. Here are some of the things I’m working on right now.

In progress, I have an A-Line skirt. I originally was going to try to complete it for the Sewing Bee at Pattern Review, but I just ran out of time. And as someone *just* getting back into sewing after a hiatus, I didn’t want to rush it. That’s what next time is for, right?

Simplicity 9825 - at your service

Simplicity 9825 – at your service

I’ll be posting later about the completion of this skirt – it’s almost done, save for the zipper, waistband facing, and hem. I’m rather enamored with it.

Next is this project using a pink jersey fabric and some lace. I won’t say what it’s for yet, but if you come back on the 13th, you’ll be able to see a finished project. I may have made a goof or two, but I think it will still come out great.

Oooh, what's this going to be?

Oooh, what’s this going to be?

I have a pair of pants I’m pattern testing, I don’t have a picture of that yet, but I will write about my experiences soon.

I was going to do this:

Butterick 4686 - View D

Butterick 4686 – View D

But you know what happened? I just didn’t have quite enough fabric for it. I’m thinking I’ll make a vintage pattern (Simplicity 9822 ,the middle view) with the fabric instead. Of course, that’s going to require some fun pattern grading. But, I think it will look good. I’ll use the lining fabric for the test pattern.

vintage 70's Simplicity 9822 skirts, 3 styles/lengths, size 12 waist 25.5 hip 36

Remember how I wanted to do the coat in the Fall Essentials Wardobe Challenge? Here’s the coat stuff, all ready to go:

Vogue 8346, Italian wool fabric from Mood

Vogue 8346, Italian wool fabric from Mood – View B

And I want to sew up this dress (I originally bought the fabric with a different Vogue pattern in mind…):

McCall's 5975

McCall’s 5975 – View C

I also have these guys prepped and ready to go (I just need to sit, make the pattern adjustments, and stitch them up).

McCall's 6654 - View C

McCall’s 6654 – View C


McCall’s 6654 – View B


McCall’s 6654 – View G & McCall’s 6796 – View A

So that’s what’s up on my end. I have two refashions to complete, and a few things for baby girl to get done as well – including her Christmas dress. So, I plan on being a busy bee in the next little while!

Sewing Pattern Stock Up!

I’ve already talked on this blog about how I enjoy sewing. This past weekend, Joanne’s Fabric and Crafts had a sale on sewing patterns. Naturally, this was very exciting to me. I was able to grab several patterns. Since I’m in desperate need of new clothes, these patterns were a welcome addition to my collection. I’m hoping that I’m able to get started on creating a new wardrobe by hand soon. Among the many patterns I grabbed, I snatched up the following patterns at the sale. I grabbed up a bunch more as well. I also purchased some fabric so I could start making some of these outfits. I’m looking forward to posting my progress!

What are your favorite patterns from the Simplicity Fall Collection? Have you sewn any of these patterns?

Simplicity Pattern 1808

Simplicity Pattern 2154

Simplicity Pattern 2703

Simplicity Pattern 5914

Simplicity Pattern 4044



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Confession: My Shoe Obsession

Theme Song: “North, South, East, Wes” Rick Wes (Yeah, it’s such an old, obscure song, but I’ve got it stuck in my head.)

Okay, so here’s something I don’t often talk about: my obsession with shoes. I think I have 70 pairs of shoes. I know at one point I had close to 100 pairs. Then, I had to get real and get honest with myself, and give away pairs that didn’t quite fit. I’m a size 11-12, so size 10 really just does not work on my feet. But for a while, if a pair was on sale, and I could squeeze my foot in, I’d pick them up anyway. Now I’ve realized that no pair of shoes is cute enough to justify injury to wear.

Why shoes? I just read a post on HuffPost by Natalie Thomas about wearing six inch heels to a wedding. They were Jimmy Choos, nonetheless, a brand that I can only dream of owning a pair of. Everyone at the wedding poked fun at her, and yet she still wore them. Kudos to her! I fully plan to wear a pair of super-high heels at my wedding, even if it means I need to change into flats at the reception. My fiance loves me in heels!

As a philosopher and ethicist, it seems really shallow to have such an obsession. Yet, when I walk into a store and see a cute pair of shoes, I squeal. I can’t help myself. For a while, I thought I would purchase shoes from online vendors, because in my city it’s sooooo difficult to find shoes in my size. However, there’s something about trying on shoes before buying them (you know, to make sure they don’t hurt your feet!)

Here are some shoes I’ve pinned on my Pinterest that I love:

This pair is from Zappos – I think they are super cute!

I would soooo love to own a pair of these – they are spectacular! Look at how sleek these are!

I don’t normally like animal print anything, but I think these are too cute to pass up.

What is it about shoes that gets women so excited? I think part of it is the fact that I can buy a pair of shoes and know that pair will fit in a year (given that I buy the right size!), no matter what I weigh, the shoes I purchase will fit! But that’s not all. Shoes are one of the easiest ways to totally change the look of an outfit. When you wear a cute pair of shoes, your jeans and t-shirt totally look different all of a sudden. My fascination with the items we walk on didn’t begin right away – in fact for years I had two pairs: Buster Browns and a pair of black loafers. I’m not sure what changed that.

If you love shoes, what is it about shoes that makes your heart skip a beat? If you aren’t into shoes, why not?

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