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Book Review: Earning It by Joann S. Lublin


I was excited to review Earning It by Joann S. Lublin. As a small business owner, I figured there would be some tips in this book to help me succeed, and there are. But, I also found the chapter on sexual harassment in this book to be problematic. The advice? The equivalent of “Don’t make yourself easily harassed and suck it up, Buttercup.” 

Perhaps it’s the fact that so many women I know who reported sexual harassment had this prematurely destroy their careers, while they experienced backlash from not only those reported but other women in their workplace. Perhaps it’s the fact that I chose myself to not make a big deal about the fact that I was called a “dumb broad” during a presentation by a male superior, and when I took it to his superior I was told “You could have a case, or you could have a career.” Either way, telling women, “Don’t put yourself in positions where you get harassed” and “Suck it up if you want to get ahead,” are akin to telling a woman not to get herself raped. 

I don’t think that was the intent of Lublin. I believe she thinks that the advice dispensed in the chapter is sound advice – because it’s the advice that many of us have been given in our careers. I just also don’t think that the advice really helps when there is a situation where, say, a coworker is regularly watching pornography on his computer or where “locker room” banter is prevalent and makes the women in the office uncomfortable. It’s no more helpful than telling girls not to wear short skirts – because as we all know, women who wear pants get raped too. 

I think as long as one is reading this book with a keen sense of “This is the traditional advice that has been given to women,” there are real gems of advice to gain from it. But telling a woman to avoid her harasser and stay out of his way is a valid method of dealing with sexual harassment long-term just continues to perpetuate the problem. 

earning-it-coverAbout Earning It

• Hardcover: 304 pages
• Publisher: HarperBusiness (October 18, 2016)

More than fifty trailblazing executive women who broke the corporate glass ceiling offer inspiring and surprising insights and lessons in this essential, in-the-trenches career guide from Joann S. Lublin, a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and management news editor for The Wall Street Journal.

Among the first female reporters at The Wall Street Journal, Joann S. Lublin faced a number of uphill battles in her career. She became deputy bureau chief of the Journal’s important London bureau, its first run by women. Now, she and dozens of other women who successfully navigated the corporate battlefield share their valuable leadership lessons.

Lublin combines her fascinating story with insightful tales from more than fifty women who reached the highest rungs of the corporate ladder—most of whom became chief executives of public companies —in industries as diverse as retailing, manufacturing, finance, high technology, publishing, advertising, automobiles, and pharmaceuticals. Leaders like Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, as well as Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, and Brenda Barnes, former CEO of Sara Lee, were the first women to run their huge employers. Earning It reveals obstacles such women faced as they fought to make their mark, choices they made, and battles they won—and lost.

Lublin chronicles the major milestones and dilemmas of the work world unique to women, providing candid advice and practical inspiration for women of all ages and at every stage  of their careers. The extraordinary women we meet in the pages of Earning It and the hard-won lessons they share provide a compelling career compass that will help all women reach their highest potential without losing a meaningful personal life.

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joann-lublin-apAbout Joann S. Lublin

Joann S. Lublin is management news editor for The Wall Street Journal and works with reporters in the U.S. and abroad. She frequently appears at conferences to discuss leadership, executive pay and corporate governance. She created The Journal’s first career advice column in 1993. She shared its Pulitzer Prize in 2003 for stories about corporate scandals. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism with honors from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in communications from Stanford University. She lives in Ridgewood, N.J.

Find out more about Joann at her website and follow her on Twitter.

Book Review: Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman by Lindy West

See All the July Book Selections at Book of the Month
Book of the Month Club June 2016So, you guys, I did it. As though I need more books. I joined The Book of the Month Club (I had incentive, I was gifted a three-month subscription*). And the first book I received was Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman by Lindy West. I had a really hard time deciding which of the June books I wanted. Here were the choices:

  • Shrill by Lindy West, 
  • Modern Lovers by Emma Straub,
  • The Veins of the Ocean by Patricia Engel,
  • Before The Fall by Liberty Hardy, and
  • Enchanted Islands by Alison Amend

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The Fortuitous Pen by Cara Addison – Book Blast

Can their everyday life of sexy trysts and loving adventures be enough to overcome mistakes of the past?
Publication Date: November 25, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

After making an immediate connection in ‘Going the Distance’, Austin Campbell and Brett Tanner continue their lives together as they adjust to life as a sexy New York couple.Having fallen madly in love with Brett, Austin balances her time between her writing, and the delicious romps with her fiercely loyal and equally adventurous lover.   Determined to focus on her writing, Austin experiences an accidental encounter that sets the two off on a journey of pain and healing.  Can their everyday life of sexy trysts and loving adventures be enough to overcome mistakes of the past?

I’m the accidental author.

In so many ways, becoming a published author happened by chance.

For years, I’ve worked in the corporate world.  My degrees are in business.  Essentially, I’m a problem solver for corporations and government.  So, you can imagine how much of a shift it was for me to sit down and write fiction.

During the summer of 2013, I put pen to paper.  I let my sexy imagination loose and before I knew it I’d filled a more than a few pages.  The characters came to life and a story began to take shape.

And so began, the greatest chapter of my life.

Writing has been cathartic.  Becoming published has been exhilarating.

This journey isn’t over.  I continue to write, as time permits.  Another manuscript is in the works.

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Book Review: Aranya by Marc Secchia and Giveaway

aranya banner


Dragons! Seriously, I am a huge fan of dragons and fantasy fiction involving them. We have a whole shelf of fantasy books in our private library, so when I was asked to review Aranya by Marc Secchia, I gladly accepted. In this book, we meet Aranya, a woman who has been chained to a rock and thrown from a cliff.

Once you recover from that sentence, keep reading.

What happens to her when she goes over the cliff? Does she die?

In this book you’ll find it all – princesses, dragon shapeshifters, horrible princes, magic – when you sit down with it, you’ll definitley be transported to a different world. The book keeps going, but unfortunately, it does suffer a bit of the same fate many fantasy novels fall victim to (think Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series and Terry Goodkind’s books); it gets a bit slow in the middle. If you stick with it, though, you won’t be disappointed.

My favorite part, and this is something I’ve really enjoyed about the books I’ve been reading from the Masquerade Tours authors, is that the book has a very strong and courageous female lead. Let’s go princesses! Kick some booty!


AranyaKindleCover4-Final1000Title: Aranya

Series: Shapshifter Dragons #1

Author: Marc Secchia

Publication Date: June 12, 2013

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy


Chained to a rock and tossed off a cliff by her boyfriend, Aranya is executed for high treason against the Sylakian Empire. Falling a league into the deadly Cloudlands is not a fate she ever envisaged. But what if she did not die? What if she could spread her wings and fly?

Long ago, Dragons ruled the Island-World above the Cloudlands. But their Human slaves cast off the chains of Dragonish tyranny. Humans spread across the Islands in their flying Dragonships, colonising, building and warring. Now, the all-conquering Sylakians have defeated the last bastion of freedom–the Island-Kingdom of Immadia.

Evil has a new enemy. Aranya, Princess of Immadia. Dragon Shapeshifter.

aranya excerpt button

Oyda quelled him with a fierce scowl of her own. “Right, my fledgling. Memorise these flowers.”

“I–um, what’s this got to do with–”

“Now, or it’s none of my honey biscuits for you later, you churlish wretch.”

Aranya studied the wildflowers. Five meadow daisies, a sprinkling of tiny blue-tinkles and three each of peonies, red anemones and tall bursts of fireflowers, made up her posy.

“Now, you will make a pass above the dell,” Oyda instructed. “While you fly, you will tell your Human brain to paint these flowers in every detail. I will question you afterward. And–do shut your yawning trap, petal. You’re catching flies.”

Grumbling to herself about how direct Nak and Oyda could be at times, Aranya thumped four-pawed over to the edge of the cliff, to her favourite outcropping, and threw herself into the air. This bit at least she had grasped. As usual, the moment she was aloft, her Human and Dragon brains went to war in her head. She immediately wallowed in the air. Every wing beat was a struggle.

Fine. She would paint flowers.

Aranya shot through the morning air. The deep golden sunbeams of a partial eclipse, the twin suns almost completely hidden behind Iridith’s bulk, seemed thick enough to swim in. She wheeled a thousand feet out and spun back on her wingtip for the required pass over the dell, where the figures of two tiny old people watched her intently.

She shaped meadow daisies. She concentrated on the finely bearded leaves of the fireflowers.

And she flew like a Dragon.

She raced across the sword-grass of the dell, almost brushing the blade-tips with her wingtips, before corkscrewing up above the forest bordering the heights and doubling back for a graceful landing that barely disturbed the still morning air.

Nak and Oyda smiled mysteriously at Aranya.

“Well? How was that?”

Nak wiped his eye. “Got a gnat stuck …”

“You old charlatan.” Oyda clipped the back of his head fondly. “That was Dragon, Aranya. Pure Dragon.”

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Author Bio

Marc SecchiaMarc is a South African-born author who lives and works in Ethiopia with his wife and 4 children, 2 dogs, a rabbit, and a variable number of marabou storks that roost on the acacia trees out back. On a good night there are also hyenas patrolling the back fence.

When he’s not writing about Africa Marc can be found travelling to remote locations. He thinks there’s nothing better than standing on a mountaintop wondering what lies over the next horizon.


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Giveaway: There is a giveaway for this tour. A $25 Amazon/B&N Giftcard or a Book Depository shopping spree of the same value.

One winner. Open Internationally. Ends 10/24. Void where prohibited.

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed above are not colored by this fact.


Book Review: Best Seller by Martha Reynolds & Giveaway

bestseller banner 2




When you’re looking for a book that will have you saying “I can relate to that,” check out Martha Reynolds’ Best Seller. The novel is relatable to me in many ways, namely that the main character, Robin Fortune, is struggling to figure out how she fits into the world. Aren’t we all? I have to say, that in the world of digital falsehoods, reading stories set in times before we made superficial connections with others has me somewhat nostalgic. The world of the writer can be a lonely one. And as someone who tends to have one thing happen after another, I can totally understand a character whose road winds and curves!


Best Seller Kindle coverTitle: Best Seller

Author: Martha Reynolds

Publication Date: June 27, 2014

Genre: General Fiction/Coming of Age



Set in New England at the time of the American Bicentennial, BEST SELLER is the poignant story of a displaced young woman struggling to figure out who she is within the context of her hometown and the carefully masked dysfunction of her family.

“Everything can be fixed by writing a check.” Words to live by for Robin Fortune’s wealthy father, until he can’t buy her way back into college after she’s expelled for dealing pot. Now he chooses not to speak to her anymore, but that’s just one of the out-of-whack situations Robin’s facing. At nineteen, she feels rudderless, working in a diner by day and sleeping with a buddy from high school by night – all so strange for her because she was always the one with the plan. While her college friends plotted how to ensnare husbands, she plotted a novel, which she scratched out into a series of spiral-bound notebooks she hides in the closet. But now, there’s nothing. No vision, no future, no point. In fact, the only thing she feels she has to look forward to is that her favorite author, Maryana Capture, is paying a visit to the local Thousand Words bookstore. Robin surmises that if she can convince Maryana to help her get her novel published, she’ll finally get herself back on track. Except that life never takes a straight path in this intensely satisfying coming-of-age novel.

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Author Bio
Martha 2ndMartha Reynolds ended an accomplished career as a fraud investigator and began writing full time in 2011. She is the author of five novels, including the award-winning Chocolate for Breakfast (her debut novel), Chocolate Fondue, Bittersweet Chocolate, and the Amazon #1 bestseller Bits of Broken Glass. Best Seller is her latest release. Her essays have appeared in Magnificat magazine.

She and her husband live in Rhode Island, never far from the ocean.


Social Media Links

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Giveaway: There is a giveaway for this tour. A $25 Amazon/B&N Giftcard or a Book Depository shopping spree of the same value.

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Book Review: Atlas by Becca C. Smith #AtlasTour

Hey guys, sorry this one is up a little late and that I haven’t been posting much this week. I wound up coming down with the fall crud that’s going around, and I don’t have the energy to do much other than resting – BUT there are good posts coming, I promise! Without further ado, here’s the review of Becca C. Smith’s Atlas.

atlas banner

Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to carry the whole world on your shoulders? Me neither, but the Titan, Atlas, has no choice. Becca C. Smith’s latest novel, Atlas weaves together Greek Mythology with a Special Ops/Navy Seals soldier, Kala Hicks. She has to deal with a slew of demons, angels, and gods as well as those mortals who wish to mess with her. The pace is quick, and it’s a fast read for anyone who wants to sit down with it for a while. From a very sassy Atlas to Kala’s kick-in-the butt attitude, the characters are amusing – like in a Will Smith movie.

Atlas CoverTitle: Atlas

Author: Becca C. Smith

Publication Date: November 11, 2013

Genre: Paranormal Action



Every four days. Commit one act of atrocity. Keep the balance or the planet dies.

At least, that’s what Special Ops soldier Kala Hicks is told by the Titan god, Atlas, after blacking out when she shoots the President of the United States. Even though killing the president had been sanctioned by the government, Kala wonders if the whole ordeal had fried her brain cells.

Kala is thrown into a world of demons, angels, and gods, each with their own agenda of whether or not they want her to live or die. She faces off against creatures of legend, all trying to sway her, use her, or kill her. There’s the annoyingly attractive demon who is determined to get into her pants as well as make her fail and plunge the world into chaos. Then there’s the stunningly beautiful Grigorian angel who is convinced he’s Kala’s soul mate, but to Kala he’s a supernatural stalker. Not to mention her own boyfriend – who may be the key to ending it all.

Pitted against the forces of good and evil, Kala must choose whether to save the world by doing the unthinkable, or sit back and let it burn.

Four days later, she’ll have to do it again.


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Becca SmithAuthor Bio

Becca C. Smith received her Film degree from Full Sail University and has worked in the Film and Television industry for most of her adult life. In 2010 Becca published her first novel, Riser followed by the sequel, Reaper, in 2011, and the finale, Ripper in 2013. In 2012 Becca wrote the children’s novel Alexis Tappendorf and the Search for Beale’s Treasure. She is also the co-author of the teen graphic novel Ghost Whisperer: The Haunted. Most recently Becca released Atlas, the first book in a new urban fantasy series. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, Stephan and their two cats Jack and Duke.


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Gold Rush Deluge Excerpt, #GRDBlast, and $25 B&N/Amazon Giveaway


Too late she realizes Kersey has a dark and murderous past


Publication Date: August 23, 2014
Genre: Historical Romance

When Lucinda Martin York and George Arnold leave Diggers Flat during a rainstorm, the Sacramento and American rivers crest, causing a deluge of epic proportions that engulfs the town of Sacramento. While Lucinda uses her medical skills to help save the citizens, George proposes a plan to stop the floodwaters and save the town.

Lucinda holds fast to her dream of becoming a doctor and apprentices to Dr. Mitchell Kersey. She falls under his spell, and too late she realizes Kersey has a dark and murderous past that has followed him to California. The danger she finds herself enmeshed in may end her dreams before they have even begun.

Based on historical events of 1850 Sacramento, Gold Rush Deluge is riveting and romantic.


October 1848, New York

Dr. Mitchell Kersey brushed a piece of dead grass off his wool coat sleeve as he watched the two oilcloth-wrapped bundles sink under the still surface of the millpond. He tossed the key to his house into its murky depths. A sigh of relief escaped his lips. Soon, the cold winter temperatures would ice over the millpond and bury it in deep snow, snow that would bury his cold secret. He felt a sense of satisfaction at a clean job well done, with a minimum of blood, mess, and fuss. However, his satisfaction was tinged with disappointment that he would never be able to share this particular accomplishment with anyone.

Nonetheless, he hummed an energetic tune, the “Radetzky Marsch” by Johann Strauss, as he walked to the crossroad where he would catch a hansom cab to New York City. It was marching music, a triumphant little tune, in direct correlation to his demeanor. He stepped sprightly, his head held high and his shoulders back, with the lightness that comes with the release of a heavy burden. The burden being his wife, holding him to this place where he had no future. He wanted to move to Alta California where he could make a name for himself instead of being just another doctor. But she had been afraid to leave her family. Kersey could not tolerate fear. He told her if she wouldn’t come with him, she and the baby could stay here.

And so it was.

In the morning, Kersey would embark on the newly commissioned steamship SS California bound for San Francisco. The SS California would take Kersey to Rio de Janeiro, through the Straits of Magellan, docking in Valparaiso and Panama to pick up more passengers before heading to the territory of Alta California. In October of 1848, Kersey had not yet heard of the California gold rush and the ensuing feverish migration to the Sierras. His reason for making an escape to the western edge of the continent was purely selfish. Once he put his life in Amherst behind him, he would begin a new life. A life unencumbered, a life in which he had only to look out for himself. A life in which his past did not matter, only the future he planned to create.



Suzanne Lilly is a teacher and a writer who occasionally takes time off to zipline in Alaska, teach in China, and traipse around Rome. She writes sweet stories with a splash of suspense, a flash of the unexplained, a dash of romance, and always a happy ending.

Sign up for her email newsletter to find out about upcoming books before anyone else. You’ll also get exclusive bonus materials and contests just for subscribers. One subscriber is chosen to win a $25 gift card each time the newsletter comes out.

The Point Book Review and $15 Giftcard Giveaway

The Point Tour Banner


When you want to read something titillating, but you’ve had enough of the 50 Shades trilogy, it’s time to turn your attention to something else. G. Nykanen’s The Point delves deep into the darkness of the human psyche. Dane Buchman becomes obsessed with Nora Reynolds, showing her a side of life that she hadn’t previously been aware of. He’s a sociopath. In fact, in the midst of her seduction Nora thinks, “This is crazy…I’ve just met this guy; he could be a serial killer.” Little does she know, the smooth and handsome man she’s met is, in not well.

The novel has a fast pacing – keeping the story moving forward. You feel like you are there in the scene with the characters as the writer has a gift for setting description. The dialogue – both internal and external – however, at points left me wanting more realism.

I compare The Point to 50 Shades of Grey, and I do not do so lightly. The author’s style is similar to E.L. James. The novels have a similar sense of pacing, and both novels have a main character who is distinctly quite young in her mannerisms. If you like the books by James, you will most likely enjoy this book by Nykanen. This novel, however, is far from a romance. It most definitely is a thriller.

The Point 3DTitle: The Point

Author: G. Nykanen

Publication Date: May 30, 2014

Genre: Psychological Thriller


Befuddled by her current relationship woes, Nora Reynolds leaves college at semester’s end to drive north of nowhere to her hometown of Iron Bay. Vulnerable and on the rebound, she is the perfect prey for fledgling felon Dane Buchman. Dane takes advantage of the unaware young woman, feeding his appetite for mischief until a rather violent shift in their relationship reveals to him what he’s really been craving. Driven by his new found hunger, Dane feels unstoppable, until former high school rival and town deputy, Doug Sanders, navigates the trail of Dane’s destruction.

The Point is a dark thriller that will allow you to witness a truly dangerous sociopath wander through madness guided by a treasured family heirloom, and a pensive young woman find her way after discovering, that which doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. With echoes of the Coen brothers’ Fargo, the folksy town of Iron Bay and the nearby north-woods community of Deer Lake are the destinations for Mr. Buchman’s many misdeeds.

Amazon  |  Goodreads


Author Bio

GnykanenpubG. Nykanen was born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This small, rural land mass seems to cultivate a wide variety of colorful characters who provide a plethora of inspiration. The Point, Nykanen’s first novel, is filled with nuances of these local characters and the landscapes one might find in the north woods.

Well traveled thanks to her husband’s government career, she has lived in Europe and many of our United States over the last twenty years. She has recently returned home, moving back to her beloved Upper Peninsula where she resides with her husband and three children.

With The Point now completed, she will continue working on her next novel, Accumulation, along with continuing to develop other stories in the works.

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Giveaway and Book Excerpt: Strangers on a Bus

I will return to talking about wine very soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the recommendations for books that I have been sharing with you! The giveaway is for a $10 gift card and 3 books by Rob Manary. Enjoy!


How far can they get on a bus ride anyway?
Publication Date: March 29, 2011
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Memoir

If you liked When Harry Met Sally, you’ll fall in love with Robb and Gertrude from Strangers on a Bus…

Robb is crushed by a failed relationship with the love of his life and finds himself unexpectedly on a long bus trip from his adopted home in the U.S. back to his native Canada.

At the first stop in NYC, a girl gets on and so begins a contemplation of life, love, and strange events that will bring tears of laughter and heartache streaming down your face.

Is this girl Robb’s real true love or just a rebound? How far can they get on a bus ride anyway?

This is a true story.

Purchase the Book at Amazon (US) (UK) (CAN)


Robert Manary is an international playboy and man of mystery, with the charm and sophistication of James Bond shaken not stirred with a couple ounces of Cyrano de Bergerac, a dash of Rasputin, and garnished with the rapier wit of Thurston Howell the Third.

That’s how he sees himself, anyway.

The truth is Robert Manary is a construct created to protect the dubious reputation of his Clark Kent like mild mannered writer/puppeteer/the man pulling the levers and breathing life into the Great and Powerful Oz (don’t look too closely behind the curtain).

Manary is an award winning blogger, an erotic romance novel writer, the author of a pretty decent romantic comedy, and for a brief period in the early nineties served as dictator of a small South American country.

Most of that is true.

Manary is also an experimental artist who has no clue how to write an Author’s Bio, and definitely no idea how to end one.

P.S. He is also a shameless plunderer of pop culture.

Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Pinterest  |  Google Plus

Strangers on the Bus Excerpt

A Rose by Any Other Name

For the past half hour or so I’ve been casually working the name Gertrude three or four times into every sentence I possibly can. I want Gertrude to get used to her name. I’d be a little embarrassed calling out to Gertrude and having her ignore me. I’d hate to have to start hitting her on the nose with a rolled up newspaper every time she failed to answer to Gertrude. I’d do it, but I don’t want to.

Five minutes ago Gertrude stopped talking to me and now Gertrude is pretending to be fascinated by staring out the window.

Absolutely ridiculous. If UFO’s landed bearing Leprechaun pilots, that still wouldn’t be as interesting as talking to me.

But it’s a nice break, and allows me to catch up with you, dear readers. Gertrude’s arrival in my life has given me a lot to write about, but having so much fun with Gertrude has cut into writing about Gertrude.

Gertrude is a skilled liar, and within three minutes of meeting her she had already worked in a Star Wars reference. Add in what I’m sure is a surgically enhanced chest and I’m suitably impressed. Let’s move on…

The potential great before picture for Jenny Craig was waddling towards me with all the grace and poise of a chimpanzee in a donkey costume at a fancy black tie rabbit’s sweet sixteen party, and wheezing and panting to such an extent that if I recorded his mouth breathing symphony I could probably sell it for $2.99 a minute on an adult chat site.

With big cow eyes he looked at me. I nodded, and moving as slowly as a turtle quickie, I began stowing my carry on in the overhead compartment. I wanted the dyslexic anorexic to have every opportunity to find a more pleasant riding companion. He deserves better than having to endure dirty looks, eye rolling, and exasperated sighs from me for hours on end.

That’s when I heard the voice of redemption. My lying angel came to my rescue. Gertrude said, “Do you mind if I sit with my boyfriend?”

It took me a couple seconds to catch on, but I don’t think I’ve ever been more relieved. I felt like a drowning man who got that last minute call from the Governor. Instead of spending hours being sweated gravy on, maybe I’d get the chance to maybe do the sweating myself.

I automatically reminded myself I have a girlfriend I am in love with, and then I remembered I didn’t have a girlfriend anymore, then my heart hurt a bit.

I believe a relationship is like a credit card that you don’t know the limit on. Before I got on the bus I cried and cried and cried for all my girlfriend and I had shared, for all the things we would never share because I’d never hear her laugh again, because I’d never see her smile again.

I cried and cried and cried.

Then I stopped crying.

I hit the limit, the next transaction was declined, and I couldn’t purchase even one more tear.

There’s a big hole where she was repossessed because I couldn’t make the minimum monthly payment anymore, and a big place in my heart where the good times we had before the card was cut up live, but emotionally that card just got maxed out.

But I’ll never forget the fun we had with that Amex Platinum, and I never thought at the time there was a limit. I’ll always love her.

I’m proud of that last bit! I’m going to call this the end of a chapter and Dr. Phil better not rip off my Relationship Credit Card philosophy.

Giveaway: $10 Amazon/B&N Giftcard or a Book Depository shopping spree. Open Internationally. Ends 8/8.

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