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Wear to Where Blog Tour Spring 2016: Baseball Game – PART I

13267892_10103408594825749_4565655765334352388_nSo, I really, really want to share with you what I made for the Wear to Where Blog Tour Spring 2016 edition! I’m super proud of myself, because my jeans skirt has turned out awesome. Like really awesome. As in I was worried about whether it would fit, whether I could pull off sewing with denim, and whether I could sew a zipper fly that looked good. Well, there was no reason to worry. It came out great, and was made of the dark fabric that you can see over to the right, behind the tank top. 

Courtesy of Kake-TV news, Abeline, KS

Courtesy of Kake-TV news, Abeline, KS

BUT, after I got my brilliant outfit made (and made a second one to boot, because come on, we’re a baseball household), the weather in Kansas decided to do THIS every time my husband was home to take pictures! (See the photo to the left). Now, mind you, the tornado wasn’t here in Wichita, but we’ve had lots of severe thunderstorms in our area over the past few days, including today. Considering I’m not interested in becoming a piece of lightning toast, I decided to stay inside. Since we’re still under a severe thunderstorm warning, it’s looking like I’m going to have to wait to have photos done tomorrow morning…before more storms come in.

Courtesy of Kake-TV, near Scott City, KS

Courtesy of Kake-TV, near Scott City, KS

So, yes. No beautiful pictures of my work for you. BUT, I’ve made a second outfit as well. I’ll be taking some fun photos…in fact, I’ll be mixing and matching the two outfits for “sports bar afterparty as well.” Seriously.  I really want to share. I’ve got this great denim skirt (Style Arc’s Sally Skirt), tank top, and shirt to share, and now a second skirt and second shirt to share. I’d love to photograph the pieces to share, but I’m afraid that flash photography will not do the pieces justice. I’ve tried. I will leave you with the above teaser, and the promise that I will have the photos and the write-up of the pieces tomorrow. 

In_varsity_uniformMeanwhile, I’ve got to talk my teenager into letting me use his baseball bat, cap, and mitt for pictures. I think that it can be arranged ! (There he is in his varsity uniform)

(And don’t worry, we’re safe, just soaked.)

While you’re waiting to see my photos, please check out the posts from the other very talented ladies on the tour. Jess at Gracious Threads has made a tailgating outfit that I envy. I mean, seriously, her shorts are AWESOME. The detail on them though!  And the jacket in scuba knit is also very well done!


Something Cool for the Teenager

So around here, I spend a lot of time making things for myself and the toddler. I have a few great men’s patterns to bust out – and I even got some nice fabric to make my husband some shirts. I’ve got a robe “in progress” for the teenager – but I haven’t finished it. I need to have a UFO weekend around here sometime and finish up all the things I’ve cut or started, but not sewn or finished. But for now, I have finished something for the teenager, and I think it’s pretty cool.

Dandelions ‘n’ Dungarees Adult Old Tyme Baseball Shirt

The teeIt’s no secret that around this house we love baseball. In fact, baseball season is about the only time the TV cable gets turned on around here (the other time is when someone is sick…but even then, it’s to watch marathon episodes of something terrible like Teen Mom). In our house, there’s a pretty big rivalry, since we’re fans of AL West teams – Wining Husband cheers for the Seattle Mariners, and the teenager and I cheer for the Oakland Athletics. I’m not sure who toddler girl is a fan of, but at the moment, it looks like it’s the Los Angeles Angels (each of these are affiliate links – and the only three in this article), since, well…she cries any time we watch a game where they lose.  So, when I saw that Dandelions ‘n’ Dungarees posted a call for testers for a baseball jersey shirt, I was quick to sign up. I was selected to test the XS for my teenage son. 

The jersey can be made out of twill, cottons, wovens, or even knit fabric. It uses piping – and it was my first time working with this notion.  It was surprisingly easy. I’ve already done understitching and stitching the ditch, so it wasn’t hard at all to use the piping. I want to get a piping foot for my machine so I can follow the directions to create my own custom piping.

Choosing the twill fabric for the shirt

Like I mentioned, The Teenager is a huge fan of the Oakland Athletics, so it was a given that I would do the shirt in the team’s colors. I originally had found some *great* baseball jersey like fabric at Goodwill a few weeks ago – but he said “Meh, Wrah, I want a white jersey.” So, I’ve set the gray aside to make Wining Husband a Mariners-themed jersey. I went to the fabric store and looked for my notions. I could only find a lemon-yellow piping (here’s where having that piping foot would be awesome), so I decided I’d do the piping green and the contrast cuffs and facing in yellow. I grabbed the yellow and white twill, and I was on my way. I have a vintage A’s patch on order (I’ll apply it later since there are rules about that stuff) and I’ll put the number “52” on the back for him (Yoenis Cespedes’ number…yes, he was traded, but he’s still my son’s favorite ball player). 

Sewing the shirt up

I was pleasantly surprised. For some reason, I had it in my head that this would be more challenging to sew up than it actually was. Perhaps it was the pregnancy fatigue talking, or maybe just my concern about fitting my son, or the attention to detail I paid in doing the work because I know he’s going to want to wear this shirt a bunch. I’m not sure. What I do know is that it was surprisingly easy to sew up, and it took about an hour and a half from start to finish…except for the time the iron decided to throw up some random brown gunk on the white! I wound up washing the shirt and cleaning the iron before I attached the snaps. I’ll have to make some more of these.

Waiting was the hardest part…

When the shirt was done, my son ran off to school to get there early before I could check the fit and get photographs of him! I stalked the front door starting mid-afternoon, waiting for him to get home so he could see his shirt and try it on. He was…not as enthusiastic as I was – not because he didn’t like it, but because he’d had a rigorous workout at track practice and he’d been up late and then up early studying hard, so he was tired. He says he’s looking forward to me putting the patches on. Once he tried it on, though, he really liked it. And it fit him great!

The photos:

Without further ado, here are the rest of the photos! There’s a link at the end if you’re interested in learning more about the pattern. 

The pattern is on sale through Saturday 4/25

Through Saturday 4/25, you can purchase a copy of the adult Old Tyme Baseball Shirt pattern in the Dandelions ‘n’ Dungarees Etsy shop (Not an affiliate link – just for you to grab) for just $5. In fact, you can get any of the baseball shirt patterns for this discounted price. (I may have to pick up the toddler size myself so we can be a matching family.)

What fabric would you use for making a baseball jersey? Post your thoughts in the comments. 

Out of the Park Baseball 15 Game Review and Rafflecopter Giveaway

Wining Husband, Tiger Boy, and I are all huge baseball fans. It’s kind of fun in our household because there are two different teams we root for. My husband is a huge Seattle Mariners fan, and Tiger boy and I cheer for the Oakland Athletics. It can get kind of loud in our house when the two teams play one another, but we generally have a game going on the television in the evenings and on weekends, regardless of whether one of our teams is playing.

When I was asked by Brad Cook of Out of the Park Developments if I might have any interest in testing the game for SoDo Mojo (a blog for the Mariners I was editor of for some time from 2012-2013), I responded with an astounding “Yes, but I no longer write for that blog.” He sent me the activation codes, and I gave it a shot. The game is a baseball simulation. On the website, it has been described the following way:

“Out of the Park Baseball (“OOTP”) is the most sophisticated and best-selling baseball simulation game on the planet. Since its inception, OOTP has won numerous awards, including multiple “Sports Game of the Year” awards, en route to becoming the most immersive, realistic, and customizable baseball experience a fan can ask for!”


Out of The Park has a dashboard so you can control all of your team's details.

Out of The Park has a dashboard so you can control all of your team’s details.

I have to say that the game is impressive, and there are many customizable features – so many that even after a month, I’m still learning about things I can tweak and customize to draw out the reality of the game.

Before I settled in to play for the first time, I cracked open a bottle of Ancient Peaks 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon and grabbed myself a snack plate with cheddar, almonds, manzanilla olives, and salami.  I started things up. I hit my first pitfall.

You see, none of the “managers” you could select were female. I wound up uploading my own picture, and getting the settings right. You can customize pretty much everything about your manager character. You can also select how much or how little control you would like to have over each of the different game features.

I uploaded my ownhoto for the manager screen

I uploaded my own photo for the manager screen

You get to choose your team; naturally, I chose the Oakland team. There were so many features of this game, that even after testing it for a month, I’m finding things I didn’t realize existed! I’m wondering if a tutorial mode might be a good idea. After all, many of my favorite simulation games begin with that. I remember Sim Farm and Sim Life (how are those for throwbacks to the 1990s?) had some really great tutorial modes that walked you through how to use all the different features. That was really helpful.

The game mode is fun. You can choose what you want your pitcher and fielders to do, and you can choose what you want your guys to do when they’re at bat. If it becomes too much, you can have the game finish it for you. Tiger Boy got a big kick out of the option to hit a batter. In fact, as you might expect from a 16 year old, he wanted me to choose that as my pitching option every time. Why? I don’t know…

Play your team's games out

Play your team’s games out

In all, the game has a lot of great features. You can read about the “news” around the baseball league, trade players, set your ticket prices and work on your team’s budget, and much, much, much more.

Read the major league news

Read the major league news

I strongly recommend this game to anyone who is a baseball fan. You can purchase the game for $39.99… or you can try to win an unlock code here!

I have two licenses of the game to give away to a lucky winner. I bet you know someone who would love to play it. The giveaway is open to international readers, and it runs from 9/7/2014 until 9/15/2014. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck!

I received a copy of the game for review, and no further compensation; all opinions are my own.

What Does Working for Habitat for Humanity Have in Common with Baseball?


Official Habitat for Humanity Ireland logo

Official Habitat for Humanity Ireland logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Theme Song: “Let’s Go Higher” Jordan Knight


Projects of the Day: Set up for VBS at church, get some stuff done for Bright Hub


So yesterday, I had a double header. I worked for Habitat for Humanity in the morning and ten I took my son to the local ball team’s opening night. Our team won (Go Outlaws!) and my son won a t-shirt – yahoo!


As I was sitting in the grandstands, I was thinking, “What could I write about for my blog?” I figured a post on allergies would be excruciatingly boring, so I started to look at how I could connect my day’s activities.


First, both baseball teams and home builds require an enormous amount of teamwork in order to be successful. You cannot build a house by yourself. At least, not a house that meets all the building codes. You cannot have a baseball team with only one person. How are you going to run the bases? I mean, as a kid, I tried playing baseball against my younger brother as a solo affair, but it just was not the same.


Second, both baseball teams and home builds require good communication. On the team, people will let you know if you need to change your pitching tactics, you will need to call the ball if it will land between two people, and you’ll need to tell someone whether to run or stay put. In the build, it is important to communicate – “Hole!” or “Down a bit!” or “Let’s measure that again.” Yesterday, we put the gutters on the house. That required all 12 women there to coordinate their efforts and communicate what was going on. Six of us handed the gutter up onto the scaffolding, the other six took the gutter. It cannot bend. Once it bends, that’s it. We did not bend our gutters.


I’m sure there are many other connections that could be made, but those were the two most profound I came up with on reflecting on the experience. I put up gutters with the help of my teammates, I helped to take down the scaffolding (yay!) I teamed up with another woman to put up window flashing at the top of every window.


I got home and took a nap, woke up, and rushed over to the stadium for the game. Whew, what a day!


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