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Month: March 2016

We Are Homeowners!

2016-02-07 15.44.14So, remember that big news I was keeping mum about? As of last week, we are homeowners. YAY! We decided to purchase our own home after some space and maintenance problems in the place we were renting. Kids have a lot of stuff, you know…and don’t get me started on our library. I’m so excited. So, be forewarned – I’ll probably have some cool DIY type posts on here in the near future.  But now, we have plenty of room and plenty of fun projects to keep us busy. 

We’re still getting everything put away and letting the dust settle from our move, but I’m excited. I’ll have a sewing/office area, we’ll have our library, and the kids have one of those Pinterest-style under the stairs playhouse things that I’ll have to paint up real neat. 

Meanwhile, I’ve been unpacking and putting things around the house. I’ve got our formal living room mostly set up. I just need to hang a few more pictures, and we need a larger lamp for one of the tables. Eventually we want to swap out the carpet for hardwood floor, and touch up the baseboard and woodwork. I have the baby’s room unpacked as well, and now he just needs furniture. The tree in front of the house is a redbud, and it’s now in full bloom. It’s a beautiful home, and I am looking forward to spending the coming years in it! (And yes, we’ve already noted that there’s a space in our currently unfinished basement that we want to turn into a wine closet. 

I really love our home. 

Here are some photos of the house. 

So Much to Share…Soon


Yep, that’s the sound crickets make, which I know have been hanging out around here lately. I promise you, good things are coming. I have a lot of pattern tests and wines to talk about. But I’m not going to do that just yet. You should also brace yourself, because rumor has it, there will also be DIY home projects coming. There’s some big news to share. (No, I’m not pregnant again!) And I’ll share it in a couple of weeks. I have recipes I want to share as well, because food is a good thing.

Little Miss and Baby Boy are doing great. They keep me busy, but we’re finally getting into a routine here, which will make it a lot easier for me to share my thoughts and creations with you. I’m also working on a couple of big projects that I’ll talk more about soon.

I know, it’s a big cryptic blog post! To make up for it, here are some photos from the shoot I did for the guest post over at Sofilantjes on how to sew French Seams.

This is the Sofilantjes Liv Skirt paired with Patterns for Pirates’ Captain Mack Cardi.

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