I’m pleased to announce that our new little squish has arrived. It’s taken me a few days to post about it because, well, exhaustion. He was 7lbs 14oz and 21 inches long. Labor didn’t go exactly as planned – I made it through 99% of it natural and then elected to have an epidural at the last minute after being stuck in the very painful transition phase for 2 hours waiting for him to turn – and it was long as it started 6 days before I was induced to get regular contractions. As soon as I got the epidural, he turned, and he entered into the world! He loves to eat and snuggle, and he squeaks in his sleep.  I’m so happy to hold him, and I’m looking forward to sewing more and taking advantage of some of the area’s wine tastings! 🙂 

I got to go home just in time for Little Miss’s birthday, and we celebrated it a little bit late. I did not make her dress, but I did make the tights she wore with her party dress. In all, it has been a very busy few weeks since I last posted. I had intended to participate in the Six Degrees of Separation blog tour hosted by Sew the Show (check out some of the stops), but after having some early contractions, I came home and promptly came down with a nasty cold that would not go away. I also wound up not making my little gal’s birthday dress or Christmas dress (but I had backup dresses available). But I think new little man is well-worth it. He makes a very nice addition to our family. His big brother quite enjoys him too :).