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Month: August 2015

Bella Sunshine Designs’ Coffee Shop Lace Dress

2015-08-19 12.41.58-1I’m so excited to share with you this new dress I made for Little Gal. It’s brand new from Bella Sunshine Designs (affiliate link), and yes, I was a pattern tester, and received the Coffee Shop Dress pattern in exchange for honest feedback on the pattern as I sewed it up. I really enjoy Melissa’s designs; you’ll remember I sewed up a bunch of Bow Tie Leggings and then the matching mother-daughter Kelly’s Twirl Skirts. So, when I saw that she was doing a new pattern test, I signed right up. After all, I figured, it would be a good motivator for unpacking my sewing machine.  Continue reading

We’re Having A…

August_12__2015_at_0730AM (2)Boy! Yup! Baby number 3 is a boy.  I’m excited. I would be excited if we were having a girl. I’m just really super-stoked that we’re adding another little person to our family. So. Much. Love! Here he is, the little man, just hanging out!

Naturally, I’ve already been scoping out boy patterns. We have some left over from when The Teenager was a little guy, so that helps. I’ve also been taking a look at some of the patterns that are done by indie companies like Patterns for Pirates, Sofilantjes, and Peekaboo Patterns  There are a LOT of cute things out there for little guys. I’m convinced that I need to buy a newsboy cap for my little. Continue reading

The Best Laid Plans…Or…Cooking Light’s Way to Cook Attempt # 2

11374133_162758020722287_1135919989_nWell, you all know how I’d made this great meal plan based upon Cooking Light’s Way to Cook? Well, life had other plans for last week and the weekend. I didn’t get around to making *any* of the recipes – partially because evenings turned out to be super busy (we are still setting up a house) and partially because my in-laws are visiting and we decided to go out to dinner rather than stay in.  Continue reading

A Cookbook a Week: Cooking Light Way to Cook

I have a lot of cookbooks, and by a lot, I mean, it will probably take a good while to cook through them all, like a couple of years. With a cookbook collection that is so expansive, it’s hard to make sure that they all get used! I want to introduce a new weekly feature here at Wining Wife: A Cookbook a Week. Normally, I’ll start this post on a Sunday, and with the exception of this first book, I’ll make recipes from one cookbook for a week. After the new baby comes, I’ll add in my wine suggestions. For now, I’m relegated to unsweetened and non-alcoholic beverages. All of the cookbooks I’ll use are ones that are already in my collection. I’ve picked them up at garage sales, library book sales, and thrift stores. There are a few I bought new, but not very many. I will link to them online for purchase if they are available for your convenience; should you choose to make a purchase based upon that link, I will receive compensation. Continue reading

Our Move Across the West

Can I just start by saying that I strongly dislike moving? Especially while pregnant. Unpacking is going very, very slowly… very slowly… I do have two boxes of cookbooks unpacked, though, and they’re staring at me. But…there are other boxes of cookbooks, books, fabric, clothing, etc. that all still need to be unpacked and put away.  I mean…while pregnant not only do you have no energy for unpacking such things, but you can’t even have a beer or a glass of wine to celebrate small victories. 😛 Not that it’s that big of a deal. Okay, I’m actually done complaining. (I should put some of that energy in getting my sewing machine out of a box!) Continue reading

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