Well, it’s official. Not only have I been knocked out for the last few months by first trimester pregnancy woes, but we’ve been packing up our home and getting ready to move next month. Wining Husband has accepted a job offer that offers our family some better opportunities. There’s quite a bit of a move involved in a short period of time, so I’ll be absent, most likely, until August. Meanwhile, if you’ve contacted me about guest posting, etc. Please, know that it will be a little bit before I can get things up. First trimester pregnancy, a toddler, a teenager, and a cross-country move have me slowed down quite a bit! 

2013-02-23 17.01.46

Thus, I’ll be back soon, my dear readers! And I’ll be sharing more sewing adventures, wine tasting notes, book notes, farm tour notes, and other random bits with you from a new location!