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Month: May 2015

No More French Wine in Pennsylvania?

Photo by:  Maja Petric…or German wine, or Canadian wine, or Greek wine…

As of May 14, 2015, residents of Pennsylvania may find themselves hard pressed to get their hands on their favorite champagnes, Bordeaux wines, and even Sauvignon Blanc hailing from New Zealand. With the passing of House Bill 189, the sale and shipment of any international wines has become prohibited in Pennsylvania. 

According to a press release from the National Association of Wine Retailers, this bill effectively bans 60% of the wine approved for sale in the United States from being available to residents in Pennsylvania. They speculate this bill may generate litigation concerning discrimination against foreign wineries. The following statement was made by NAWR’s Executive Director, Tom Wark:

“America’s wine retailers, not wineries, are consumers’ only source of French, German, Spanish, Italian as well as all other imported, including Australian, New Zealand, Chilean, Argentinean, Canadian and South African wines. Banning out-of-state retailers from shipping into Pennsylvania while only allowing domestic wineries to ship is not only a slap in the face to American retailers, but represents a complete and total disregard for Pennsylvania consumers who expect the long awaited direct wine shipping rights to give them access to all wines—Not just those made in North America.

Equally important, since auction houses that sell rare and hard to find wines and Wine-of-the-Month clubs are classified as retailers, these services would also be off limits to Pennsylvania wine lovers. And since most Kosher wines are produced outside the country, these too would largely be banned from the direct shipment channel.

“Additionally, we believe responsible lawmakers ought to be concerned with the Constitutional and free trade problems raised by the impending ban on the sales and shipments of all non-domestic wines. Banning the sale and shipment of an entire class of wines (imported wines) in favor of another class of wines will only invite lawsuits—as well it should.

“The NAWR urges the Pennsylvania Senate to pass a genuine wine shipping bill that allows shipment of both domestic and imported wines by allowing consumers to purchase from both out of state wineries and out-of-state retailers. If the Pennsylvania Senate follow the path of the House and passes a blatantly discriminatory bill likely to be challenged in court, Pennsylvanians will not have direct shipment access to any wines.”

Originally the bill was set up as a promise to wine consumers that they would finally have that long-awaited privilege of having out of state wineries ship to them directly. However, as bills are wont to do, it evolved and changed into its current, quite prohibitive, state.

Bad for consumers

I don’t need to tell you that this bill is bad for consumers and wine connoisseurs. As Mr. Wark states above, it cuts Pennsylvania residents out of the ability to pursue their own cellar building activities at auctions and other venues. It also makes it so specialty wines may not be at all available to the demographics wishing to consume them. 

HB 189 is also bad for businesses

Businesses will be hard-pressed to provide for the demands of consumers. With the sale and shipment of imported wines effectively banned, they will be forced to sell a smaller variety of wines, thus making it harder for them to compete with neighboring states for wine sales. It’s a bad deal all around.

I’m hard pressed to see how this bill is supposed to help customers (or businesses) in Pennsylvania. I can see it being a deterrent for those who wish to relocate to the state, particularly if they are lovers of imported wines. Like Mr. Wark, I believe that this bit of legislation will lead to litigation. A revision that allows for the import and direct sales and shipment of wines to customers – a privilege enjoyed by many residing in other states – will help boost Pennsylvania’s economy. 

What are your opinions on this new bill? Do you support it? Do you think there are other problems with it not mentioned? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


Vogue’s Summer 2015 Releases

I’m a bit behind on commenting on releases from pattern companies, I realize that! I’ll have my commentary on the new releases from the other guys soon! I’m playing catch-up since I was wiped out by a wave of pregnancy fatigue so strong…well, you get the idea. This is the pregnancy of fatigue and ravenous hunger. Hah! 

Nevertheless, there were a lot of patterns I really liked from Vogue’s summer 2015 release. Some of them…well I won’t be able to really make/wear for a while, others, I think could be adapted for maternity wear relatively easily. And some, like always, have me scratching my head. I know there’s a market out there for the weird stuff…I’m just not that market.

Let’s start with the pregnant woman friendly stuff

Vogue doesn’t have a separate maternity line. That’s okay, though. In their new releases, I saw two things – possibly three – that I’ll make for wearing over the summer. First up is Vogue 9107.  I really like this – done with the right fabric, it could be super chic – and look at all that room for a growing preggo belly. Of course, when the baby belly gets bigger, I’ll throw some leggings on under since some of that drape in the front is going to pull up and over – but still. It also will be great after baby’s born. I grabbed this pattern and can’t wait to make it up – I just have to decide which fabrics I want to use for it.

V9107, Misses' Tunic, Dress and Pants

I also grabbed Vogue 9117 for the dress and the cardigan. All of the pieces in this collection are jersey, so they’ll have a good bit of stretch, making it easy to wear through the summer. With Little Miss, I wore Maxi dresses and skirts through most of the summer until I had to break down and get some maternity jeans and capris (And I have something special I think I’m going to do for jeans this time using the new Real Deal Jeans pattern from Winter Wear Designs). So I know that dresses are going to be my friend this time as well.

V9117, Misses' Cardigan, Top, Dress, Skirt and Pants

I may also try adding some length to the front of the top and ruching the sides and using the skirt in the pattern as well. 

V9117, Misses' Cardigan, Top, Dress, Skirt and Pants

The third pattern I grabbed, where I’m not sure how well it will work for my purposes – it’s a dress, but come mid-summer it will probably be more of a tunic/shirt – is the DKNY Vogue 1448. I’m still on the fence as to whether I’ll play around with this one before summer – but I think if I moved the sash up to right under the bust , it could work. Because of the seams on the mock wrap, I’d have to be real careful about lengthening it if I chose to go that route – but I think it would make a super-cute piece.

V1448, Misses' Dress and Belt

Now for the Vogue patterns I liked and grabbed – but won’t be making for a bit

Donna Karan’s Vogue 1451 caught my eye, and I rather like it. So I grabbed it. I really like the different lines and angles at play on this shirt. It’s just a lot of fun.

V1451, Misses' Top and Skirt

I also grabbed the Guy Laroche outfit. When I make it, though, I’ll be making the skirt longer.

V1450, Misses' Top and Skirt

I also really like Vogue 1446, the Rebecca Taylor dress

V1446, Misses' DressV1446, Misses' Dress

The other Rebecca Taylor dress was really cute as well, so I grabbed Vogue 1449 – again, I’ll have to add a little length to it so it’s not a tunic on my tall body, but I think it’s really cute for summer.

V1449, Misses'/Misses' Petite Dress

The Tracy Reese dress, Vogue 1447 was also worth grabbing. So I did. 

V1447, Misses' Dress

I also felt compelled to grab the two vintage patterns in the collection Vogue 9105

V9105, Misses' Dress and Sash

and Vogue 9106 – I mean both of these dresses make me want to make up a delicious Beef Bourguignon a la Julia Child and welcome my husband home with a glass of his favorite scotch and a peck on the cheek.

V9106, Misses' Dress and Belt

I really liked Vogue 9100, but they were sold out of it at my local JoAnns when the sale was on. I’ll pick it up at some point.

V9100, Misses' Dress

One other dress I snagged was Vogue 9102. 

V9102, Misses'/Misses' Petite Dress

Finally I grabbed this little dress for my Little Miss. Too cute.

V1455, Children's/Girls' Dress

Patterns I’m on the fence about

I keep going back and forth on Vogue 9108. I think it would be really cute done up right, and probably a pretty cute thing to wear while pregnant. It’s a Tilton dress. But I like it. I may just get it at the next sale. 

V9108, Misses' Top, Dress and Leggings

Vogue 1452 is made up in a hideous fabric. It’s really hard to tell what’s going on with it. I’m really on the fence, because I think if it were done up right it would be really cute – and hey it’s a jumpsuit look you can break apart for when that fad is over

V1452, Misses' Top and Pants

Vogue 9116 is really cute, but I’m not sure how long this jumpsuit trend is going to last…

V9116, Misses' Jumpsuit

I really like the kimono top in Vogue 9115 – but I have a couple patterns like it already.

V9115, Misses' Jacket

You know, it’s funny…for once, I don’t really have a lot of patterns (or really any) to poke fun at in this release. The ones I didn’t mention here are ones that are either not my style or things that wouldn’t work on a full-figured woman (I LOVE Vogue 1444 by DKNY, but I can’t see how someone with a bust would work that dress).

V1444, Misses' Dress

Which patterns did you like from this release? Which ones did you think were “meh?” Post your thoughts in the comments. 

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