Today, I made 7 receiving blankets for the new baby on the way. We’re having a girl, and I’m really excited since it will be a new experience after having the amazing Tiger Boy (who is now 15!!!). I found some really cute snuggle fabric at Joann’s Fabric on sale for $2.70 a yard.

Snuggle flannel fabric

Snuggle flannel fabric

I’m excited, because each blanket took only 20 minutes to make – if that long! Here’s how I did it.

First, I folded the raw edge under, and then folded the fabric again – about an inch, to create a hem. You can use a hem measuring tool if you like, I eyeballed it. I also didn’t press the hem in, because it was stable enough to not want to slip around. You can iron your hem line in though, if you wish. I pinned everything in place.

Pin Fabric

Pinned  Fabric

Next, I sewed a straight line. I’m working one edge of the blanket at a time.

DSC_0075Then, I turned the fabric to a new side. In order to get nice corners, fold in the corner that has already been stitched, pin it in place, and then pin your hem in place.

Fold in the corner

Fold in the corner and pin into place.

When you’ve completed three sides, you’ll want to fold in the corner at both ends, and work the hem in from there.

Pin corner into place

Pin corner into place

Sew in  a straight line. You’ve completed a 20-minute snuggle flannel receiving blanket. I made a whole bunch of them, here are the first three!

DIY Snuggle Flannel Receiving Blankets

DIY Snuggle Flannel Receiving Blankets

You could also make these double-sided, pinning together two one-yard pieces of fabric, right sides together, and sewing, leaving a small opening. Turn the fabrics right side out, and press seams. Then, top stitch around the blanket. If you like, you can add decorative elements such as lace or bias tape. I like the blankets as they are.

My next project will be to sew sheets for baby’s cradle.

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